Curtis Coleman CFNN Tennis Reporter

CAPE FEAR HIGH SCHOOL- Cape Fear Girls Tennis played a home match against Douglas Bryd on Tuesday, September 3rd. The game ended in a win overall, with many Colt victories in both singles and doubles.

 Players Arianna Darden and Josie Lahr won their matches with ease, beating their opponents 6-0 6-0. Paige Cameron and Kensey Thurmond played a great doubles match, winning 8-0. 

Following up, Madisyn Hall won her matches 6-2 6-1. Brook Bieniek won her sets 6-0 6-0, and Caroline Averitte won her sets 6-0 3-0.

“I’m happy to see the girls execute,” Coach Lucas said, “and it’s exciting to improve our record to 4-1 now.”

Despite the sweltering heat, the Colts played cool as a cucumber. Good hydration and good practice times proved pivotal to their success.

“What Coach Lucas has done a great job about is having us practice at this normal time, so over the summer we’ve been practicing from 4 to 6,” captain Paige Cameron mentioned.

Coach Lucas did note that the second court player from Douglas Byrd had to retire from her match due to the heat. Lucas emphasized the importance of staying hydrated at the tail end of the North Carolina summer. 

A solid victory doesn’t come without areas to improve upon. “Footwork, like always… the team with the best footwork and speed is usually going to come out the winner,” Coach Lucas said about where the team could better itself.

During their doubles match, Cameron and Thurmond looked to stay consistent as they attempted to avoid any errors and strive for perfection.

Cameron told CFNN that instead of trying to pull off the spectacular, she focused on the shots she knew she could hit.

Leading up to her tennis career, Cameron had been committed to playing softball. That background has carried over, giving her strengths both as an individual athlete and as a team player.

“… [softball] Helped me learn a lot about team aspects, and helped me shape myself as a captain,” Cameron also noted about her past softball career.

Altogether, Cameron loves how independent the matches are in tennis. If someone messes up in a singles match, it is their fault solely, but she also loves how the final score is calculated as a team.

For Paige Cameron, tennis has the perfect balance of self reliability and team sportsmanship that makes tennis so special for her.

“I’m just really proud of the girls,” said Paige as her final remarks, making sure to mention how everyone has shown out and been supportive of each other.

Attitude reflects leadership in all capacities, and Cameron surely has a great one. When asked if she expects to win a championship this year, she quickly yelled, “Of course!”