Walker Brittain CFNN Reporter

CAPE FEAR HIGH SCHOOL- One decision led to one tryout, which led to one life changing experience. Niyah Mcleod first joined Cape Fear’s color guard team at the end of her freshman year.  A shy freshmen transformed into a colorful teammate. Since then her experience has been nothing short of life changing.

“Being on the color guard team has really broken me out of my shell,” said Mcleod. “Just really being a part of a group and working together is what I like the most.” 

The social aspects of being on the color guard team is what Mcleod enjoyed the most about her experiences. The sisterhood her and her teammates formed is what keeps her going back. She talked about how she loved the team’s trip to Orlando. She enthusiastically related everything about the trip from the hotel to the theme parks. Her eyes were transfixed the entire time. 

Mcleod was never  a part of any clubs or teams until she joined color guard, so she was pretty nervous at first.

“It was nerve wracking some of the stuff they were asking me to do I have never done before,” Mcloed said. “ I just tried out and just ended up liking it. I plan to do color guard for all four years and love every second of it.”

Her sister convinced her to tryout.

“My sister is constantly encouraging me to go for stuff and get out of my comfort zone,” said Mcloed.

Now Mcleod is a veteran leader on the team, she participates in the flag line, rifle line, and saber line. It is very rare for someone to be able to do all three. She enjoys teaching the new girls and continues to make lifelong friends along the way. 

Experiences of a lifetime are not the end all be all. Sometimes a lifetime of experience is just as great. That is what Niyah Mcleod has found with color guard.