Amber Autry and Sarah Grace CFNN Reporter

On Thursday, September 12, Cape Fear will be hosting its fourth annual Colts’ Club Day in the cafeteria lobby during all four lunches. 

Mrs. Carroll will be hosting the event. One of her main hopes is to encourage students to get more involved in the numerous clubs that are offered here at Cape Fear High School. 

At Colts’ Club Day, students can learn which clubs are available, what each club does, and who participates in them. Students will have a unique chance to learn more about the different activities they can get involved with through direct contact with club members and advisors. Necessary information about each club will be available.

Mrs. Carroll explained to CFNN that she has hosted this event in all of her three years at Cape Fear. She feels that the day has been successful as it gets more students involved and allows them to find the clubs that interest them most and that will be the most beneficial to them. 

Joining after school events — whether clubs, sports, or other extracurriculars — helps students stay more focused in school. They can also help boost college applications and personal strengths, especially when joined early on in high school. 

According to Mrs. Carroll, there are two new clubs that will be added to the Colts’ Club Day: Speech and Debate, and the Environmental Club. These two new clubs join long-lasting ones, such as Campus Life, HOSA, Key Club, and more.

Above all, Mrs. Carroll hopes the exposure to all the clubs being offered will encourage students to get out and join a new after school activity. If you’re in the cafeteria on September 12th, stop by and walk around! You might just discover your new passion at one of the information tables.