Angelina Nicolosi CFNN Reporter

Middle school state-champion Forensics coach Amy Lucas is bringing Speech and Debate to Cape Fear this year.

“I did Forensics way back in the 90s in middle school,” Mrs. Lucas said. “When I came to Mac Williams, I coached for a little bit just to get used to it. From a coach’s standpoint, it’s very involved. You’ve got to host tournaments, organize a team, learn all the ins-and-outs and technicalities.”

Despite all the work involved, Mrs. Lucas has maintained her passion for Speech and Debate over all the years she has coached.

“When I started coaching full time, I just loved seeing students grow and feel they were validated for putting their talents out there and being recognized for how awesome they did at each event. And then, we won states my second to last year at Mac Williams. When I got here I thought, ‘Hey, we have this talented group of kids, obviously we have to keep this going at Cape Fear,’ so I decided to do it here.”

Bringing Speech and Debate to Cape Fear makes it open for everyone to do. There are no club dues, and few requirements aside from showing up to practice and putting in work at home.

The speech side of Cape Fear’s newest club involves not only writing and presenting original speeches, but a “competitive acting” aspect as well.

Speech events include dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, informative speaking, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, and more that will be posted at Colts Club Day this week. These events require a personal interpretation of the piece being performed — whether that’s a short scene from a play or a speech written 30 minutes prior to performance.

For the first year of debate, Congressional Debate will be the main focus. Similar to Harvard Model Congress, students will draft bills and resolutions for debate in a simulation of the United States legislative process. Mr. Lucas will be assisting in coaching. He can be found on the social studies hallway.

Speech events will practice from 3:45-5:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 107 (Mrs. Lucas’s room) with Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Canady. Congressional Debate will practice on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:15 in room 212 (Mr. Lucas’s room). Don’t let the practice times scare you out of competing, though. 

“You should get involved because it will help you hone your public speaking skills and your acting skills. If you’re doing debate, it’ll help you hone your ability to form a cohesive argument, to anticipate rebuttals,” Mrs. Lucas said when asked why people should join the team. “And, it’s fun… In the classroom you’ll be more poised and more eloquent in presenting yourself. It’ll improve your writing skills, especially with argumentative essays. It’ll help prepare you for life.”

More information about Speech and Debate can be accessed at Colts Club Day, or by stopping by and talking to Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Lucas, or Mrs. Canady