Alexis Becker CFNN Soccer Reporter

The Cape Fear Colts grabbed another win against the Triton Hawks yesterday. Communication and teamwork shined as the Colts communicated with each other and worked together when they were stuck in some sticky situations.

Tyler Britt, junior goalkeeper, jogged confidently up the field. The stands went silent and the players prepared for the goal. Tyler took on a penalty kick. Triton began to worry. The whistle blew and … GOAL! The first and only score of the game rolled into the goal thanks to Tyler. 

With the scoring happening within the first 20 minutes of the first half, the game seemed to be in Cape Fear’s favor. “The penalty kick put us ahead, and I don’t think we looked back from there,” Coach Dent said after the match. He believed that Tyler’s score was a major turning point of the contest. 

Defensively, Cape Fear shined by holding the Hawks for the rest of the game. This shined even more with player like Ian Wenger working extremely hard to keep the ball out of the net. “Guys like him coming through in big spots,” Coach Dent said proudly as he congratulated his team.

The last two minutes of the match pushed the intensity level was through the roof as Triton tried desperately to match the Colts’ goal.  Cape Fear’s strong defense and teamwork, though, helped keep the ball out of the net.

“When we were in trouble, we had players that made big plays,” said Coach Dent. He believed that this was the reason for such a strong and competitive win tonight. Drew Eaker also had a strong goal-line save. This only proved how strong the Colts defense was even more. 

This game put the Colts back on track, and as they say, Colt Pride Never Stops!