Molly Williams CFNN Golf Reporter

Women’s golf at Cape Fear doesn’t get a lot of attention, though it’s more than deserved. Head Coach Todd Edge feels hopeful that this season will play out as well for the girls as it has in the past.

“Gray’s Creek is definitely our biggest competition based on last week’s match. Really, we don’t play against the schools. We play against ourselves to try and get better each week.” Edge said. 

Edge spoke highly of his star player, Toni Blackwell, named ‘Player of the Year’ three years in a row. She is committed to play golf at UNCP.  Simply put, she can absolutely play golf. In addition to existing talents, the new season comes with an influx of new talent for the team.

Lexi Perez shot a 101 at her first highschool match. Edge noted that she “played extremely well.” The team used her score as the third score. Hannah Walker shot a 115 last week. Edge said, “We were really impressed with that because she has never played golf before and just picked it up.” Another freshman, Shawna McDonald shot a 129 in her first ever highschool match.

Although golf is an individual sport, scores are combined as a team. There are things that the team needs to work on as a whole. Just because the team has done well this year, doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.

“Chipping and putting. Everyone talks about how far you can hit it, but you really score around the green if you can chip and one putt. That’s where you really save your strokes,” Edge said.

“It’s got to be that third scorer. The 3th, 4th, and 5th person have to come in low. Typically under a 100 low for us to have a good match.”

Cape Fear Women’s golf has a long history of success that they hope to carry on. After only one match, Edge said, “There’s two ways to look at it, we’ve only played one match so we’re 1-0 and if you look at it like we play everybody in the conference, we’re 8-0.” 

“Our goal this year is the same goal we have every year. We want to win our first match, win our home match, to win the conference championship, to win regionals, and to win the state championship, in that order.” Edge said. 

This year is looking up for the Women’s golf team at Cape Fear. Coach Edge said he looks forward to the rest of the seasons and practices with his team. The golf team’s next match will be held on September 16th at Anderson Creek Golf Course.