Mrs. Jackie Johnson, veteran Social Studies Teacher turned SGA Advisor.

Paige Cameron CFNN Reporter

Student life at Cape Fear would be exceptionally lifeless without the Student Government Association(SGA). Events such as the Homecoming Dance, spirit days, Senior Citizens Day, and other festivities wouldn’t be possible without our school’s SGA.

Cape Fear High has experienced significant changes in staff, namely Mrs. Phipps stepping down as SGA supervisor after two years. But not to worry, American History teacher Mrs. Johnson has stepped up to keep the bustling energy of Cape Fear alive!

“I was very honored to be asked, but right now, I’m both excited and nervous.” Mrs. Johnson said.

Mrs. Johnson looks to Mrs. Phipps as inspiration for her first year of SGA. She acknowledges that Mrs. Phipps has been a phenomenal help in her transition by giving her tips and resources. She also recognizes that numerous students have helped with her changeover. 

The executive council specifically helped Mrs Johnson.  “The executive council and senior class president got my feet wet and got the ball rolling,” said Mrs. Johnson.

With Homecoming just around the corner, Mrs. Johnson has her plate full. “So far I’ve honestly just been focusing on Homecoming as there are a lot of events that revolve around Homecoming.” She said.

Johnson encourages students to look for new events and activities coming their way this year.

Johnson looks at her new role as a way to embody the Cape Fear spirit among all students and staff. “I just want it to be a good school year overall, for the entire campus.” She stated.

SGA has always been a fundamental part in shaping Cape Fear’s campus. SGA’s involvement in community service projects and school spirit activities envision what it means to be a Colt. 

“I feel like SGA plays a big role in the atmosphere. My main concern is to make sure everyone has a good school year and make it memorable.” Johnson said. 

Year after year, SGA has continued to prove how their leadership helps create a culture of family and community at Cape Fear. With new direction, SGA will continue to expand and grow to keep Colt pride alive.

Although her first year, Johnson proves to be a symbolic fit as SGA supervisor and students should expect vast things from her in years to come.