As we all know, Disney has recently remade several of its classic movies into a live action format. One of the latest remakes was the The Lion King. Many viewers praised the movie and raved about how amazing it was, so naturally, we took it upon ourselves to see what the thrill was all about.

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

To begin with, the animation of the animals in the movie were astounding. The characters were portrayed as real-life animals, as opposed to the cartoonish images from the original. There were also some well-known celebrities who voiced special roles in the movie. Beyonce played Nala, and Donald Glover nailed it as the protagonist, Simba. They sounded uncannily similar to the voices from the original movie.

Timon and Pumba were definitely hyped up by viewers and critics alike. These comical characters definitely stole the show. This live-action animation created more of an emotional connection than we thought we would create. The character were well-voiced and realistic.

Although the original movie is a childhood favorite for millions, the new version stole the show. Although some songs were left out, the music was superlative and as always, kept us wanting to sing along. The storyline touched our hearts as much as the original. Some scenes (no spoilers here!) were most definitely tear jerkers!

We were definitely nervous to see how the movie would play out. It is not uncommon for live action remakes to alter the plot in some way. This movie undoubtedly lived up to the original film; from the placement of the scenes, to the lines the characters recited; everything was spot on from the original movie.

The movie overall was amazing, although some elements could have been modernized to add more excitement to the movie’s plot. 

Keanu and the Review Crew rate Disney’s live action remake of The Lion King a 7 out of 10. It was a great movie that lived up to the reputation of Disney. We appreciated how the plot remained the same and nothing in the story line was altered. This movie was extraordinary. Our only critique is that we would have liked to hear more music from the original.  The Crew would certainly view this film again, and we recommend that you experience the thrill for yourself.