Alyssa Sweet is a sophomore here at Cape Fear High School. She is involved in the art club, and culinary arts. She enjoys listening to music and cooking.

Alyssa wakes up at 6:45 and starts her day by listening to some music while getting ready for school. Her favorite thing to eat in the mornings is waffles and chocolate milk. The bus picks her up at about 7:50 every morning and she arrives at school around 8:15. 

After getting off the bus Alyssa heads straight to her first period which is Art, with Mr. Lucchino. She joined the art club her freshman year. One of her friends founded the club and Alyssa says,  “I was already in the art club, [so] I figured I might as well take the class.” 

After art, she goes to her Foods and Nutrition class, which she enjoys very much. Alyssa has always loved cooking and baking, and she felt that being involved in the culinary arts would allow her to act on this passion while at school. 

When asked what her favorite food to cook was Alyssa said, “I honestly don’t know. I just like to help out around dinner and see whatever recipe my mom has.” 

Her third period of the day is the AP US History and AP Language and Composition duo class. She says, “ I really like it, actually, and Mr. Grates is very interesting.. and I like Mrs. Johnson, so far she is one of my favorite teachers.  I really enjoy that class.” 

Last period of the day for Sweet is her Math 3 class with Mrs. Furr. Math is one of Alyssa’s favorite subjects, and when asked why she replied saying “ There is always a strict right answer, and I can find out how to get it… I like English, but sometimes it is more difficult when you don’t understand it the same way the author does.”

After school she takes the bus home. When she arrives home, the first thing she does is eat a quick snack and do her homework for the night. After this Alyssa hangs out with her family in the living room. She has a younger brother in the 7th grade at Mac Williams. Her family plays a lot of video games together.

When asked what her favorite thing about Cape Fear was, Alyssa said “Probably all of the different clubs, just because there’s a bunch of different things you can do if you’re not into sports.” Being able to join the art club has been a great thing for her at Cape Fear. 

It’s great to have students like Alyssa at Cape Fear High School.  Be on the lookout for more students of the week! Coming to you very soon!