Lily Terwilliger CFNN Cross Country Reporter

This year’s Jungle Run at South View was a successful night for the Cape Fear Boys cross country team. The night kicked off with the Developmental Men’s Race. 

Cape Fear’s top developmental runner, Alden Bostic, posted a time of 19:00.65 securing the 10th spot and 10 points for the team. Not only did he achieve top 10 of the race, but a top 7 spot on the team. After the race, Bostic said, “It felt good to beat the Tigers. We just need to keep improving and working hard.” 

Caleb Knudsen came in at 13th place, getting an all time PR of 19:28.36 securing him a top 7 spot on the team.

The developmental boys pulled through with a team score of 130, placing 3rd out of 19 other schools. 

Boys Cross Country race begins and is off to a strong start.

The second to last race of the night was the highly anticipated Men’s Championship race. This was a larger race than the Developmental Men’s Race, with 226 boys competing. 

Cape Fear’s top runner, Juan Alvarado, achieved an all time PR of 17:03.53 securing the 39th spot and 35 points for the team. Juan hurried to the meet from his parents’ wedding, showing up 15 minutes before the start. 

“I didn’t expect to PR and for sure didn’t think I was going to get first all conference. I kinda pulled up in a tuxedo,” Juan said after the race. He then quickly changed back into his tuxedo and ran back over to make the rest of the reception. 

Jonathan Piland also got an all time PR of 17:09.78 securing the 43rd spot and 39 points for the team. 

Unfortunately, Cape Fear did not secure a top 10 team score in the championship race. More importantly, though, Cape Fear beat the South View Tigers by 42 points. This sets the team up for a competitive and promising season.