Natalie Autry CFNN Reporter

On Tuesday, September 10th the Cape Fear football team had anything but another day of practice. 

They began by watching the film from their win over Lumberton. After film, they completed a tradition. They cleaned up trash on the sides of Clinton Road as a way to give back to the community. 

The team has been cleaning up for almost 7 years now. The team does the trash pick up twice each semester.

Coach Thomas believes “The clean up leaves a positive thought for the community about our players, and it’s good for the boys to do a selfless act for the community.”

On occasion JV players get involved in the effort, but the regulars are predominantly the Varsity boys. Roadside Cleanup makes an important impact on the community. It’s not only a positive act for the environment, but it also makes an impression on the players.

Senior varsity player. Nick Minicapelli says, “Doing the trash pick up sets a good reputation for the team.” Besides it being so hot outside, he thinks that this is very good for the team because it causes them to help out with the community. He thinks that this helps him to be a better person and be more involved in helping the environment.

Activities like this will continue to keep Clinton Road and the reputation of the Colts squeaky clean.