Lakin Williams, Sydni Garcia, and Erin Holmes CFNN Reporters

“GO COLTS!” screamed one of the spectators of the race. On September 14th, another great cross country meet was held at Overhills High School, aptly nicknamed the Jaguar Prowl Invitational. Fate was most definitely in the hands, and legs, of Cape Fear that day. 

“I’m mostly nervous on not making time or place,” said sophomore Ilyana Walker. She definitely wasn’t nervous at the end as she ended up setting a personal record time of 24:38.90.

Walker, along with some other girls on the team, had an advantage others didn’t. It wasn’t their first time running on that type of terrain. 

“The first time we ran it [Wednesday], the path wasn’t clearly marked, but at the meet Staurday, the turns were clear and easy to navigate,” noted senior runner Lily Terwilliger. 

“South View is definitely my biggest competitor,” said Walker. “Their runners have really good times and take things very seriously. It’s a lot of pressure, especially with Cape Fear and South View’s rivalry.” 

Both girls and boys had a mishap before both of their races even began. The boys’ starting gun wasn’t operating correctly, resulting in three false starts. The girls race officials didn’t start the timers immediately, causing them to restart the entire race. 

“It was very irritating to have to restart and to watch my other teammates struggle with all of the false starts,” said Walker. “It didn’t really help that I lost my footing in the middle of the race.”

With all the mishaps and struggles, Cape Fear gave it their all. The Girls in the Championship division placed Fourth overall. Iris Terwilliger led the Colts’ stampede and placed 7th overall with a time of 21:00:50. 

“It was really cool to place. I set a season PR, [personal record] and it was great to medal,” reflected Terwilliger after the race. “I’m really happy with the finish,” she added.

Gracie Zudonyi and Lea Tenhundfeld, who ran in the Invitational, placed 36th and 38th. Gracie Zudonyi had a time of 29:27:56. 

All in all, Colt fans should be very proud of our girls Cross Country  team and very excited to watch them in their next meet.