Sarah Grace CFNN Soccer Reporter

The men’s soccer team fought hard against South View Monday night to earn a much-needed conference victory after being down two goals early in the match. The Colts beat the Tigers 5-2 in an exciting and hard-fought contest. 

Nicholas Aime, one of three Colt team captains, scored two goals during Monday’s match. He played well all-around and helped to put the Colts up by three goals. After the game, Aime provided insight on the South View game and what it means for the team and their upcoming games.

“My job is keeping the team organized, making sure our players keep a cool head on the field, and making sure that we’re ready to go during warm-ups,” Aime said.  As a captain, he wanted to ensure that the team could work together to play a great game of soccer, even under pressure.

Both Aime’s individual performance and the team performance led to the win.

“It was all-in-all a team effort tonight,” Aime said. His goals during the game came with the help of his teammates, whose cooperation and work ethic paved the way for the win.

Despite the win, the team still has a lot to improve upon. Aime said that both defensive organization and team focus as soon as the whistle blows are major aspects of gameplay that needs extra attention.

“The first early goal kind of shook us up a little bit; that’s why they went on to score a second,” Aime said. “After the second goal and about twenty minutes of playing time, the boys calmed down and were able to get their heads back in the game. This allowed us to fight for the victory and ultimately achieve it.” 

Aime said that Ian Wenger played well Monday by locking it up in the back. He also said that Ethan Jacob was the playmaker in the South View game, as he created many of the opportunities to score.

Coach Dent had several things to say about Monday night’s game and what it means for the team’s away game versus a tough competitor, Pine Forest, on Wednesday night.

Coach Dent said the two early goals shook the boys to their core. While Cape Fear had control of the ball and had more opportunities, South View still managed to score early in the game. 

“I was very, very pleased with the fact that they stayed calm, cool, and did not hit the panic button,” Dent said. The boys continued to create chances and trusted the process which is what allowed them to come back and defeat the Tigers.

Coach Dent said that Wednesday’s game against Pine Forest will be tight. “The team can’t afford to make little mistakes that we made to go down 2-0; we’ll have a hard time coming back if that happens.” 

While Wednesday’s game will be tough, if the boys execute the game plan properly, they can add another win to their record.

Cape Fear mens’ soccer takes on Pine Forest on Wednesday. Show up and show out at Pine Forest to support the team!