Alexis Becker CFNN Reporter

Bump, Set, Spike. This is how you keep a volleyball game flowing. With a group as tough as E.E. Smith coming to Cape Fear, the Colts knew they had their work cut out for them on Monday, September 16th.

Through strong communication and hard, work the Colts were able to start strong. They proceeded to win the first set 25-13.

The Golden Bulls kept their heads up. They responded in kind by aggressively working their way into a winning position. The Bulls caught the Colts with their tails between their legs to eke out a 25-22 win for the second set.

This did not discourage the Lady Colts. The Colts’ response heavily depended on the team leaders to step up. They definitely responded. The team looked as strong as ever as libero Taylor Melvin registered more than 30 digs, Marlie Horne put up two successful blocks, and Hannah Spexarth scored 15 kills .  The Colts were able to dominate the set 25-16.

Megan Eaker serves up an ace against EE Smith on Monday.

The next set meant the most. It determined whether the Colts would win or continue the game to a fifth set. With Cape Fear’s teamwork still dominant over E.E. Smith, the set seemed to favor the Colts from the start. Despite a great effort from the Golden Bulls, The Colts grabbed a 25-18 win!

It was a great win for the Lady Colts. The Colts move to 6-2 in conference play and third in the conference. They have a chance to move into second at home against Terry Sanford on Tuesday.