Nick Aime CFNN Reporter

The Cape Fear Men’s soccer team recorded a statement win on Wednesday night. Squaring off against the Pine Forest Trojans, Cape Fear had their biggest challenge of the season. With Pine Forest holding on to the top spot in the Patriot Athletic Conference at game time, this match had a major impact on what the table would look like at the end of the season.

In the first half, Cape Fear players demonstrated a seemingly endless supply of energy. From defense to offense, the energy was contagious. All that was missing was a goal.

Suddenly, Cape Fear Co-Captain Walker Brittain had a chance to put the Colts ahead minutes before halftime. Ethan Jacobs dribbled the ball down the sideline and crossed it into the box, where Brittain was waiting for his chance. 

He cushioned the ball out of the air, turned his body 90 degrees, and wound up for the shot. He banged it to the lower 90 to his left. Unfortunately, Trojan keeper Hunter Tigh was able to match Brittain’s intensity as he dove right for the ball, eliminating the Colts’ chance.

Tigh’s great save kept the score 0-0 until halftime. The Colts reflected on their first half. “During halftime, we knew we were doing better than them, we broke through their backline a couple times.” Brittain said. 

In the second half, our Colts were met with a burst of energy from the Trojans. Cape Fear center back, Ian Wenger, was tasked with organizing the backline and keeping the Colts in the game.

Seconds before the end of regular time, the game was almost stolen by Pine Forest. Trojan player, Carlos Villareal, dribbled down the field and had a shot. Colt goalkeeper, Tyler Britt, kept the ball out of the net. The clock ran to zero, and the ref blew the whistle.

This meant the Colts had 10 minutes of extra time to prepare for. “When you know you’re going to overtime, you just ask yourself if you have the legs to last those minutes.” Cape Fear co-captain, Nick Aime, said.

Extra time was full of back and forth moments as each team attempted to avoid the possibility of penalties. 10 minutes passed in the blink of an eye, and the Colts were headed to penalties.

With a lot of pressure on their shoulders, the Colts stepped up one by one and delivered. Ian Wenger, Nick Aime, Walker Brittain, and Tyler Britt all put their shots in the net effortlessly. On the other side, two Pine Forest players missed their shots by a great distance.

The excited Colt players ran to the end of the field in celebration when they realized they had won. Emotions ran high on both sides.

 “Those guys are brothers in the spring when we play travel but in the fall they are my enemies,” said Brittain. “Don’t get me wrong I love Christian Qually (Pine Forest’s captain)  but it is always a good feeling to see him in tears.”

The Colts are now a step closer to clinching the conference title. All of their focus is now on their next game against Hoke County at home on Tuesday, September 24th. Until next week, the Colts can reflect on a game that was truly, a sweet escape.