-Alisha Davis, CFNN Reporter

The Newest NBA Video Game: NBA2K20

NBA 2K is a popular basketball-based video game series. Part of the popularity comes from the celebrities that are featured in the game like Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. More of the popularity comes from the sports teams that are featured like the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat and the LA Lakers. 

2K Sports’ newest game, 2K20, was released on September 16th, 2019. Already, nearly four million copies have been sold.  Despite the huge sales numbers, many think that the 2K series has become too technical to play along the way.

According to SportingNews, “There is a sense that 2K20 is a little more forgiving. It still isn’t a game that anyone could just pick up, play and instantly find success, but it is trending in the right direction to becoming less intimidating.”

Gameplay is so clear it almost looks real!

2K Sports has faced numerous controversies in recent years over heavy monetization of their games. Many people feel like they’ve paid their $60 and are then milked for more money. 

Legislators are now debating whether to go forward with an attempt to ban all monetization in video games. For 2K20, that would be the sale of VC. It’s in almost every mode of the game and causes glitches. But, they haven’t done anything to change it yet.

NBA 2K20 is so popular that the series will still be considered among the most well-rounded in the sports gaming genre. The gameplay is excellent and the broadcast presentation, celebration of the history of the NBA, MyCareer story, and MyLeague franchise mode remain excellent. 

2K20 is a great game for those who are new to the franchise and those who have taken some time away from it. However, those who purchase the newest versions of the series yearly may not feel the same value today as they’ve felt for the 2K series years ago.

Despite that, it would be difficult not to recommend 2K20. Under almost any circumstance, its authenticity and depth is like no other. When you play 2K20, you will never want to stop playing it. No matter how frustrated you get after a loss, you will want to go right back and play again. Its competition will just keep reeling you back in for more. 

What other video game series do you know that makes you feel like you’re watching a live NBA game while playing it? I’ll wait… There’s no other game like it.