Walker Brittain CFNN Football Reporter

The current Colts finally know what it’s like to lose to Terry Sanford. Cape Fear last lost to the Bulldogs in 2015 when the current seniors were in middle school. 

The Colts took on Terry Sanford at Reid Ross Friday.

“It was a humbling experience,” said Colts senior Mark Burks. “It kind of grounds us and gets us motivated for the rest of the season. Even though I’m a senior it will motivate the younger kids to go out and win next year.”

Terry Sanford won 28-17 thanks to a 21 point unanswered run, starting in the 2nd quarter.

The game started fast with Terry Sanford senior quarterback Jacob Knight scoring on a 25 yard run during the first drive of the game. The Colts answered quickly with a 37 yard run from Cayden McKethan. 

The Colts led at the end of the first quarter thanks to a 37 yard field goal from senior Mason Smith. This 10-7 lead would end up being the Colts’ last lead of the game. 

Terry Sanford senior running back Dorian Clark found the end zone and took the lead for the Bulldogs on a 9 yard run to bring the score to 14-10 in 2nd quarter. 

Terry Sanford added to their lead in the 3rd quarter with a 15 yard run from freshman running back Jre Jackson. And again in the 4th quarter with a 9 yard pass from Jacob Knight to senior wide receiver Yates Johnson. 

The Colts rallied with a punt by Colts kicker Smith that put Terry Sanford on their own 1 yard line. This drive ended with Colts senior Lamon Lock recovering a fumble for a touchdown with 4:33 left on the clock in the 4th quarter. The Colts attempted an onside kick, but unfortunately were unable to capitalize and recover Smith’s kick. 

The Colts keep the Bulldogs backed up Friday night.

“We had to be the most physical team and we were not,” said Head Coach Jake Thomas. “They kind of took it to us a little bit. They made more plays than we did.  We’ve got to do a better job of tackling and blocking which are basic fundamentals that we didn’t do a very good job of.”

Both teams had a great crowd for Terry Sanford’s first home game of the year. The game was at Reid Ross Classical due to Terry Sanford rebuilding their football stadium. 

Both student sections also took turns taking jabs at each other. Terry Sanford students decked out in camouflage yelled “yee-yee” and other colorful expressions across the field to the Cape Fear students in attendance. Cape Fear students decked out in their prep attire chanted “Daddy’s Money” at their cross-town rivals.

“The rivalry was here before my brother played and it intensified once Coach Thomas came here,” said Colts senior Mark Burks. “I believe the rivalry will always stay the same and be important. There will always be a drift between the two schools and teams.”

Even though this game marked the end of Cape Fear’s 3 game winning streak against Terry Sanford, the Colts never gave up and fought to the end.  The rivalry never faltered and never will. No doubt, Cape Fear will be back next year for another chapter in the Battle of the Blues.