Keanu and Crew CFNN Review Team

As we all know, homecoming is one of the most hyped up events of high school.  Everyone is always talking about who they are going to take and what they are going to wear. We took it upon ourselves to attend this event, and this is what we thought.

SGA did an excellent job with the decoration. The fairy lights were a nice touch, creating a cool sense of ambiance in the room that made the gym, well, not the gym. The strobe lights were occasionally overbearing, but they did contribute to the hyped up atmosphere. 

Water was the only concession available for $2, but it was a thoughtful touch for the proceeds from it to be donated to those affected by Hurricane Dorian. We made sure to buy a round.

The music was mixed together seamlessly. We did note that the DJ could’ve played some more classics or just more popular songs, though. We enjoyed the spacious “Old gym,” however. We felt like there was plenty of room to dance to his tunes, and you could actually feel the cool air conditioning keeping the temperature in the place low. 

Seniors Curtis Coleman and Caylee Worley on the dance floor

“The DJ was mediocre, but the people were looking clean,” said senior Curtis Coleman. “The teachers walking the crowd made me feel kind of uncomfortable and killed my vibe.”

 This seemed to be a popular opinion when listening to people talk about this event. Overall, we thought people overhyped the dance. Everyone talked about how “lit” it would be. As long as you were dancing with friends and singing along to the songs, it was a good time. If you were up and having fun, then it was surely a night to remember. We will absolutely be attending this event again next year!

Cape Fear’s 2019 Homecoming Court

Congrats to Britney Prewitt, Marlie Horne, Emile Allen, Mikayla Fountaine, Lalia Payton, Davia Rypdahl, Sarah Grace, Aniyah Hair, Anslee Spry, Avery Pickett, Cedric Bell, Mark Burks, Lucas Daw, Nicholas Aime, Taiquian Gamble, Nicholas Minacapelli, Dallas Wilson, James Sealey, Chase Dawkins, and Travis Moore for making homecoming court.