The Team poses for a shot at the Colt after defeating the Bulldogs Tuesday evening.

Curtis Coleman CFNN Tennis Reporter

The Drought Is Over! Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Beats Terry Sanford

Last night, and for the first time in longer than “recent” memory, the Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Team defeated Terry Sanford in a thrilling showcase of talent.

Freshmen and court one player Brook Bieniek, displayed a masterful game in both her singles and doubles matches, winning her singles 6-2, 6-2 and her doubles with Daija Rucker 7-4.

The ladies celebrate the victory!

Rucker herself had an outstanding singles match on court five, winning it in two sets 6-3, 6-1.

Madisyn Hall played a terrific singles match last night as well, winning 6-3, 6-1. In Hall’s doubles match with partner Caroline Averitte, they worked together to win the match 8-4.

Seniors Paige Cameron and Kensey Thurmond both had extremely difficult matches last night on court two and three. Kensey Thurmond played a tiring two-hour match in which she gave it her all against her Terry Sanford opponent Lauren McDonough, unfortunately coming up short in the match 7-6, 6-3.

Paige Cameron on court two give it every bit of her last effort in her three-hour match. Playing from four o’clock to seven o’clock, both Cameron and her opponent Mary Anna Stiles played as if their lives, and their teams, depended on it.

Cameron managed to push the thrilling match to a third set tie break in the brutal afternoon heat, but she eventually lost the tie break 10-5.

An intense doubles match pits the two teams against each other.

“I came out with a loss, but I’m not disappointed,” Cameron said about the match, “…My opponent was great, so give it to her for that.”

Cameron came into the match last night with her head in the game. When asked about what got her motivated to play so tough, she said, “Me and Kensey have been listening to a lot of Megan Thee Stallion on the way back from games, so that gets me in the mindset.”

As the spectators in the stands could agree, Paige Cameron’s match was a once in a lifetime experience one would normally only in the U.S. Open or  at Wimbleton. The amount of effort, drive, and determination seen from both players in the match was nothing short of spectacular.

After these intense matches, Colts Head Coach Chris Lucas discussed the improvements he saw in the team from the last time they played Terry Sanford.

“…We were a lot less nervous… the girls handled their nerves better, they were more consistent, and they weren’t afraid to go for their shots” Coach Lucas said about the improvements made.

Colts Coach Chris Lucas provides the winning formula for the match.

Brook Bieniek followed up on Coach Lucas’ statement by noting that she played significantly more aggressive than normal in last night’s matches.

“Being a freshman, playing someone who is five years older, and just trying to keep up,” Bieniek said about the challenges she faced in her singles match last night.

Daija Rucker described the challenge of pressuring herself to win for the team. She was one of the last matches to finish in doubles, so she knew she had to push through for the team.

Daija Rucker returns a Terry Sanford serve.

“My gameplan [for Daija’s singles match] was to go up to the net and do my volleys, for doubles I made sure just to get the ball across court,” Daija said about her gameplan for her singles and doubles matches.

At the end of the night, every single player was proud of the effort provided by the team. Everyone was energetic and supportive of their teammates, even to the last the serve and last hit.

Now, today, the team prepares themselves with extremely high spirits for their matches at Overhills this afternoon. Well done, Colts!