Our Loveliest Rose!
Amber Autry and Sarah Grace, CFNN Reporters

Rose Meurer is Cape Fear High School’s Student of the Week! Rose was thrilled to be chosen, and she was excited to answer some questions about herself and her time here at Cape Fear.

She begins every day by eating breakfast with her dad. Her favorite breakfast is pancakes, sausage, and orange juice. Her dad then drives her to the bus and she heads to school. 

At school she is currently learning about different plants and animals in her horticulture class. She also loves art class and working on a new project every day. The ability to draw and the freedom of being creative seem to be Rose’s favorite things about Art class.

Rose is hard at work in her classes.

Horticulture and Art are a few of the reasons Rose loves attending Cape Fear and why she is so excited to be here every day.

Rose says that she cares the most about people, especially when they are struggling and need her help. Whether it is a math problem or gluing a sheet of paper, Rose always wants to lend a helping hand to her classmates. This is obvious in her smile and in the hugs she readily gives everyone she meets. She is a helper and a good friend to everyone she meets.

In her free time, Rose hangs out with her friends, or relaxes by reading books or coloring. Rose’s friends are so important to her. She loves to talk about school with her friends and attend athletic events with them. She expressed her avid interest in Cape Fear’s athletics, particularly bowling, Ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and swimming. She enjoys watching the Colts compete every time she can. Rose can’t hide her Colt Pride!

In addition to her love of art, Rose also seems to be quite the music lover. “I like to hear hip-hop, jazz, country, and pop.” More specifically, her favorite musical group is Fifth Harmony.

Rose also enjoys watching TV, especially the shows iCarly and Victorious. Her favorite movies to watch are Descendants 3 and Mamma Mia!

One of the most important things in Rose’s life is her family.  She spends most of her time around them and her love for them was obvious.  When asked about who she looks up to, she said, “I look up to my mom and also my family because they take care of me.” She admires her family the most and she appreciates them for all that they do for her.

When asked about the things she gets the most excited about, Rose explains, “The most exciting thing in my life is having fun with my family and having the best Christmas with them.”  Her smile is evident as she wistfully thinks about the holidays.

When Rose goes home after school, she likes to play with her ponies. She then eats dinner, and her favorite meal is either tacos or spaghetti. She thinks both of her parents are great cooks. Before bed she plays Papa’s Cupcakeria on her iPad, and then heads to bed, ready for another exciting day of school, fun and friends at Cape Fear High School.

After graduating from Cape Fear, Rose would like to take some online summer classes through Fayetteville Technical Community College. She would also like to go to an institution for special needs children and then work at PetSmart. At PetSmart, she hopes to be able to take care of pets by grooming them, bathing them, and giving them haircuts.

We are excited to share Rose Meurer as our Student of the Week, and she is thrilled to have been chosen! She is a smile everyone sees around CF and the biggest hugger ever. Shy is not a word in her vocabulary; she won’t be afraid to run up to you and scream your name in front of everyone. Rose is a huge part of our school with a face everyone loves to see.