Jordan Hirigoyen CFNN Columnist

Highschool can be either a brutal experience or the most memorable one of your life. Lucky for you, I’m here to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible. 

Some of the most memorable high school experiences come from participation in your school’s extracurricular activities, the most common of those being sports and clubs. Let’s talk about that.

Clubs grant the opportunity for students to indulge themselves in a community of people that have similar interests as them. Ranging from the community service club ‘key club’ to the creative expression club ‘Beautiful Minds’ and even the club focused on medical and health education ‘HOSA’ Cape Fear seems to have it all and then some. 

Key Club is a community service organization dedicated to helping others for the betterment of society. Doing activities such as passing out food to the hungry at food pantries and walking dogs in the botanical gardens, Key Club makes every effort possible to give back to the community they came from. 

Beautiful Minds is a new club to Cape Fear that focuses on creative expression through all the various forms of art. The club essentially offers a safe space for students to discuss, show and appreciate each others’ art. The forms of art expressed vary from painting and music to poems and short stories. 

HOSA is a club at Cape Fear that educates students interested in the medical field and focuses on furthering their vocabulary and interest as a whole. The club attends events and competitions throughout the year that challenges students to focus on certain aspects of the medical field and test their knowledge. Can be thought of as a medical version to the well known ‘Science Olympiad’ club. 

So what are you doing still reading this article? Go join one of the many clubs that interest you at your school! Parents go ahead and encourage your children to also join clubs and connect with students just like them!