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Pictured: Kathy Lee, Rhonda Whisnant, Coach Jarrod Britt, Amanda Nichols, Tammy Cox, Sgt. Marcus Tucker, Ashleigh Harris, Lorin Jones, Haley Bueing, Coach Brian Graham, Jean Bullard

Paige Cameron, CFNN Reporter

While students and parents are well aware of the change in principals this year, few know of the numerous new teachers who joined the Colt family this year. From teaching core subjects to Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, all of these teachers play a critical role at Cape Fear. This year, Cape Fear has added 12 new members to its staff.

This plethora of new teachers join the Colt family to lead the way in teaching social studies, English, math, science and even JROTC.

As our new freshmen graduated from Mac Williams last year, so did science teacher Kathy Lee and math teacher Rhonda Whisnant. When asked what encouraged Lee to teach at the high school level, she said, “For years it’s been my intention to move to higher education. As my daughter Miranda moved to 9th grade and my teammate of 15 years (Mrs. Whisnant) also transitioned to Cape Fear, I knew it was time for me to make the move.”

For Whisnant, the time for change was now. She said, “Knowing that I will be able to finish out my career at a place in which I loved dearly.”

The Colt family gained four new members who are just beginning their teaching career as a Colt. The new Media Clerk Jean Bullard said, “I already felt like I belonged here, but the welcome I received in my new role from both the faculty and students has been very heartwarming.”

Brian Graham, a new EC OCS teacher, explains how his career path allowed him to explore his passion for working with children and coaching talented athletes. He said, “Although I didn’t graduate from Cape Fear, I was a student here for two years, so when I found out there was an opportunity for me to work and coach here, I jumped on it.”

Agriculture teacher, Haley Bueing, always knew she had a desire to go into teaching, she just never knew she would come back to teach at the high school she graduated. She said, “I decided to join the Colt family because I am a CFHS graduate. I love Cape Fear and our community! I feel blessed to be part of the Colt family.”

American History and AP Gov teacher, Jarrod Britt is a former coach and teacher at Pine Forest High School. When asked about his transition to Cape Fear he said, “The transition for me has been tougher than I thought it would be. The support system in the school and community is second to none. Colt Country has welcomed me with open arms, and that has helped me move past the homesickness that I felt during my first couple of weeks here.”

Coach Britt looks forward to continuing his teaching and coaching career as part of the Colt family.

Our new teachers aren’t just here to teach, but also to start clubs and organizations that contribute to Cape Fear.

English teacher, Devan Herron is looking forward to starting a “12” team, which is an academic-based competition on all ranges of subjects. She said, “Twelve is a knowledge-based competition where twelve students compete in twelve rounds of questions that focus on math, science, English, and history. I coached the twelve-team when I was at Douglas Byrd High School, so I am excited to start it here!”

Tammy Cox, a CTE teacher, is also hoping to start up a DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) chapter to help students pursue their passion for leadership and entrepreneurship. When asked what her goals were, she said, “As a marketing teacher, my goal is to teach my students about life and the importance of 21st-century skills that they can use throughout their lifetime.”

Sergeant Marcus Tucker tells how welcoming the Cape Fear community is. He said, “Everyone has been so welcoming that I don’t feel like I am new to the area.” Tucker enjoys the enthusiastic atmosphere and laid back aura of Cape Fear. He says, “For the first time, in a quarter of a century, I have to look in my closet, the night before, to plan what to wear. I know it sounds weird, but I get a kick out of that.”

Things are looking up for Cape Fear this year! With the addition of all these new teachers, this school year is starting great. The Colt family is ecstatic to see what these teachers can bring to the table.