Many people don’t know that some students at our school are unable to get food after they leave school. They go home and don’t have any food during the weekend. However, there is a program that assists these students. 

Avery Pickett, a former Cape Fear high school student, created a program to help these students. The program is called Backpack Buddies. The goal of this program is to provide food to students who otherwise would be unable to have any on the weekends. 

The purpose of Backpack Buddies is to help those students who need assistance with food. On Friday they leave with a bag full of food that will sustain them until they return to school on Monday. These students are so happy to get these bags on Friday afternoon! They eagerly come by Student Services and pick up their bag of food. 

When there is going to be a long weekend, extra food is packed in the bag. During long breaks from school extra steps are taken to ensure students who receive Backpack Buddies have enough food to last the entire break.  

The Backpack Buddies program only survives with the assistance of donations from others.  Many generous people, churches, and organizations make donations throughout the year to keep Backpack Buddies alive. They bring in items such as mac-n-cheese, spaghetti, ramen noodles, pop tarts, juice boxes and many other items. 

Some also donate the actual backpacks and bags that the food is sent home in. Without the support of these organizations, this program would not exist.  

Some of Cape Fear’s own clubs and organizations assist with the Backpack Buddies program too. They bring in food items to help fill the bags for the students who will be getting them.  Members of the Beta Club bring in food items and storage bags that can be used for the Backpack Buddies program. When they bring in these items they receive community service hours. 

Cape Fear’s Student Government also helps with the Backpack Buddies program. Some members from each organization also go and volunteer their time preparing the food bags that will eventually be distributed all over the Cape Fear High School district. This district includes elementary schools, Mac Williams middle school and Cape Fear. 

In the future, please consider helping out the Backpack Buddies program in whatever way you can – whether it be bringing in food items or volunteering your time filling bags. What you feel is not much means a great deal to the students that receive these bags every Friday afternoon!