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Football correspondent Walker Brittain brings you the latest news from our Cape Fear Colts Football team. Our coverage includes weekly interviews with Head Coach Jake Thomas, postgame interviews, highlights, pictures, and much more!

Walker Brittain

Football Correspondent/Sports Editor

Walker is a senior at Cape Fear High School. Outside of journalism, Walker is captain of the soccer team. He is also involved in SGA, Beta Club, Harvard Model Congress, and is a Freshman Mentor.

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Jacob Thomas

Head Coach of the Cape Fear Colts. Currently in his seventh year as the leader of the program.

Game Coverage

9/28/19 Live From Cape Fear High! It’s Saturday Night!

9/20/19 Cape Fear vs. Terry Sanford “Rivalry Renewed?”
8/30/2019 Colts Yard Short of Victory

Football Features

11/12/19 Paper Colt: My Days as a Cape Fear Football Player

10/14/18 Colts Bring Home the Victory

10/7/19 Colts Too Much for Gray’s Creek to Bear

9/30/19 Live From Cape Fear High! It’s Saturday Night!

9/26/19 The Grates Brothers

9/23/19 Rivalry Renewed?

9/17/19 Gridiron Heroes, Eco-Warriors
9/17/19 Mason Smith: Life of a Kicker
9/17/19 Nicest Guy in the Classroom and Meanest Guy on the Field
9/16/19 Friday Night Lights Collegiate Edition
9/13/19 Coach Mac: Renaissance Man
9/11/19 The Championship They Never Thought We Would Make
8/30/2019 Colts Yard Short of Victory

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