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Teacher Feature

Here you can find the latest on teachers at our school. From the teacher of the week to the newest of the new, here is our Teacher Page. We will highlight things things that make our teachers the wonderful people they are! Enjoy!

Mrs. Godo De Lucas Has A Heart of (Blue and) Gold and A Passion for Spanish September 1, 2020

Public Safety Teacher Ms. Bandurraga Keeps Us Safe September 8, 2020

AP Human Geography Map Master and Teacher of the Year Finalist, Chris Lucas September 8, 2020

Mrs. Lewis’ Love for Teaching Math Reaches 40 Years, September 17, 2020

Mr. Jason Britt Brings Music to Life, September 22, 2020

Ms. Bueing’s Bundles of Love for FFA October 7, 2020

Meet Tammy Cox, Beginning Teacher of the Year October 16, 2020

Ms. Edmond’s Scientific Successes October 31, 2020

Mrs. Bartell’s Brilliant Writing and Blissful Teaching November 19, 2020

Mr. Young Plants Seeds in Horticulture and in Student’s Lives December 16, 2020

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