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What is Gifted Kid Burnout Syndrome?

CFNN Reporter Sydney Pate Leaving the rest of your classmates in the dust academically sounds like a dream. Being the smart one that all the kids come to for help sounds really good. Being the only 3rd grader reading on a 9th grade level and doing algebra sounds really cool until you realize that these […]

Colt Basketball Set To Tip Off, Expectations Are High

CFNN Reporter Faith Harden-Drake “Aiming for greatness” Is the best way to describe the projections for the upcoming basketball season starting on November 22, 2021. The Colts kick the season off at home against EE. Smith. The players are preparing to compete for their first win of the season.  When we talked to Head Coach […]

Backpack Buddies

Many people don’t know that some students at our school are unable to get food after they leave school. They go home and don’t have any food during the weekend. However, there is a program that assists these students.  Avery Pickett, a former Cape Fear high school student, created a program to help these students. […]

It’s basketball season and Cape Fear is off to a great start with the boy’s junior varsity team. Cape Fears young ballers really went all out last night with a winning score of 67-50 against The E.E. Smith Bulls. Our freshmen players really gave their all last night, especially Damien Gary who lead the team with 23 points.

We were able to talk to some of our players, and everyone mentioned that Damien was the MVP. ” He improved from the last time I seen him play, and he did well as a true point guard.” said Jaylen. Having winning the first game will encourage our players to continue and on the right path.