Colts fullback Nick Minacapelli scores the first touchdown against Gray’s Creek Friday night.

Walker Brittain CFNN Football Reporter

The Colts offense exploded in the second half and took advantage of Bear turnovers as the Colts defeated the Bears 42-14. 

“The most important stats in football are winning the turnover battle and then stopping the run and being able to run the football,” said Head Coach Jake Thomas. 

The turnover battle was tied, but the Colts took advantage of turnovers scoring a touchdown on the very next play after a fumble and returning a fumble for a touchdown.

Defensive End Darrick Whitted rumbles toward the goal line after picking up a fumble.

They also held the Patriot’s conference leading rusher Jerry Garcia in check for most of the game except for 56-yard touchdown run and a 91-yard kick return for a touchdown. While the Colts ran for three touchdowns of their own. 

The score was 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. The Colts scored first off a 22-yard touchdown pass from sophomore quarterback Ki’mani Britton to Senior two-way player Nick Minacapelli. The Bears responded with a 91-yard kick return for a touchdown from Jerry Garcia. 

The second half started with the Colts recovering a fumble and starting their first drive of the second half on the Grays Creek own 10 yard line. Cayden Mckethan would score on the very next play to put the Colts up 14-6 after a Mason Smith extra point. 

Wide Receiver Isaiah Lee grabs his first TD of the season.

Britton started a 21 point 4th quarter with a 31-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver Isaiah Lee. The Colts scored two more touchdowns in the 4th quarter with a 46-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown by senior defensive end Darrick Whitted and 55-yard touchdown run from Aumarion Ross to end Cape Fear’s night. 

Grays Creek got consolation points in the fourth quarter with a Jerry Garcia 56-yard touchdown run and a safety. 

“I thought we played  pretty well defensively despite giving up the one long run to Garcia, who is a very good back,” said Coach Thomas. For the most part we kept the offense in check. We ran the ball well at times. 

“Still a little bit of  inconsistent and sloppy play, but we were able to run the ball and stop their run. Those were the two things we talked about doing. Then we created turnovers on defensive which our goal was to create at least 3 turnovers and we did that with one returned for a score.”

Coach Thomas stressed that preventing turnovers is key for the rest of the season and it starts with more consistent decision making from sophomore quarterback Ki’mani Britton who threw two touchdowns to go along with two interceptions.

Quarterback Ki’mani Britton pulls away from Gray’s Creek Defenders.

Next the Colts will take on the Douglas Byrd Eagles on October 11th; its Homecoming, so make sure you get there early in order to witness all of the Homecoming festivities. 

Douglas Byrd is led by two former Colts, senior quarterback Donnell Melvin and sophomore running back Alton Simmons. The Colts also hope to bounce back from last years loss to Douglas Byrd.

“We want to be able to come back and bounce back from those losses last year and beat those teams that beat us,” said Coach Thomas. “ Those two kids both played for us. Alton (Simmons) more recently last year. He’s a great kid. I wish him all the success in the world except in our game.”