Sarah Grace and Amber Autry CFNN Reporters

Logan Ellis is a sophomore and JV soccer player here at Cape Fear High School. He’s also a huge Avengers fan and can’t wait for his namesake and favorite character Wolverine to join the MCU.

Ellis wakes up around 6:30 in the morning. He begins his day getting ready for school and eating breakfast. If he has not finished homework from the night before, he usually tries to complete it before leaving for his bus stop. His bus picks him up between 7:30-7:45. He arrives to school around 8:00 and passes his time by talking with friends until the school doors open.

Once the doors open, Ellis heads to his first period class: American History I Honors with Coach Britt. Coach Britt thinks highly of Logan as a student.

“He turns in great quality work, and he works very well with his classmates,” says Britt of Logan.

Next, he heads to English II Honors with Mrs. Madyun. He seems to be performing well in English class, as his teacher had some nice things to say about him.

“Logan is a dedicated student with a down to earth charisma. I enjoy having him in class,” Mrs. Madyun says of Logan.

For third period he has Art and Visual Design with Mrs. Ivey. Lastly, he goes to Biology Honors with Mrs. Edmonds.

Logan working hard in his class.

After fourth period, Ellis heads to soccer practice until 6:00. His soccer coach is Coach Rico. Ellis enjoys both his coach and all of his fellow teammates. He says that he has made a lot of friends through soccer over the past two seasons.

“Logan is a really quiet guy, but he is an extremely hard worker and a good teammate. We enjoy having him as part of our team,” reflected Ben Brinker and Bruce Jackson, two of Ellis’ soccer teammates.

“Coach Rico is the best and funniest coach that I have ever had,” said Ellis. “We joke with him about how he always wears sweatpants even when it’s 100 degrees outside”

After going home from soccer practice, Ellis says he eats dinner and starts his homework. He then takes a shower before heading to bed for the day.

Ellis explained to us that he did not attend middle school at Mac Williams, so when he began his freshman year here, he did not know anyone. He was quick to make many friends and began enjoying his time here at Cape Fear.

It’s obvious Ellis loves the community here and how welcoming everyone is. Coming from St. Ann Catholic School the size of Cape Fear initially shocked him, but he quickly found his placed. The transition from private school to public school was made seamlessly.

“Considering I didn’t go to Mac Williams and went to a different school, said Ellis. “I really didn’t know anyone here, but I’ve made a lot of new friends so far and that’s really been a good thing.”