Angelina Nicolosi and Walker Brittain, CFNN Reporters and Editors

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Tik Tok. Some may think of it as a Kesha song from years past. Some may think of the sound of a clock running. To most young people, those two words remind them of an app they may find themselves lost in for hours.

Many like to think of Tik Tok as the newer version of Vine, a popular short video app that died out in 2016. Vine was more focused on original content, play-on-word style jokes, and obscure humor. Tik Tok is largely comprised of people making jokes and lip syncing to audio clips. Trends last about 1-2 weeks based on popular audios, then die out.

“Vine is the OG (Original Gangster, a popular slang term for something older and “original”), and Tik Tok is like its baby,” said aspiring star Nick Aime.

Many young people aspire to achieve “Tik Tok fame,” the ultimate sigil of too much free time. People usually blow up (become wildly popular) through following popular trends. Dark humor, aesthetically pleasing content, new original humor, and “checks,” where people show off something specific to them, such as having a rich friend or a weird aspect of their life, are the most common themes that make it big.

Cape Fear has a few Tik Tok celebrities of its own. Among the most notable are Brooke Dawkins, Brielle Orellana, Drew Eaker, Lorelei Harr, Amelia Shook, Shea Floyd, Davia Rypdahl, and yours truly, Angelina Nicolosi . Each of those listed have at least 10,000 total likes and at minimum a few hundred followers.

15 seconds of fame has impacted members of the Cape Fear community in various ways.

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Danielle Cohn, one of the biggest memes on Tik Tok

Amelia Shook’s most popular video sits at nearly 11,000 likes.

“I was making a gift basket for my boyfriend at the time and I happened to get lots and lots of views and likes, but then I couldn’t give it to him. My part two probably would have blown up,” Shook said. 

“I definitely peaked, and I’m on my way out now. It was good while it lasted. I now focus on dance videos but they’re… not doing so good.”

Noah Lucas was the first at our school to blow up, but due to the stress and time it took, his account has since been deleted. 

“I feel like a trendsetter. Everyone else wants to be me, one day,” Lucas said, referencing one of the popular audios on the app. “I’m kind of sad that I don’t have the fame any more, but y’know, I’m gonna come back better than ever. Season two is coming.”

There’s competition among the top CFHS Tik Tokers for who has the most “clout,” or fame, on the app.

Brielle Orellana sits at the highest amount of views on a video, with 1.6 million. Shea Floyd has the highest amount of followers, with 21,600. Angelina Nicolosi has the most overall likes, with 123,100. These metrics were most accurate at the time this article was posted.

“It feels great to have so much Tik Tok fame. I’ve been working towards this for months, and now I spend probably 3 hours a day on the app observing trends and making videos. It has definitely been detrimental to my college applications, but the little bit of serotonin I get at the end of the day has been worth it,” Nicolosi said.

Despite all the fame and dedication put into the app, many of Cape Fear’s Tik Tokers feel like they can do more. 

“I haven’t been able to devote a lot of time to Tik Toks recently because of soccer season, but that’s almost done,” Drew Eaker said. “I’m about to go all in, get a Tik Tok haircut, and start grinding.”

The future of Tik Tok at Cape Fear looks bright and promising. Stay tuned for more updates on CFNN about the hottest new app. 

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