Alisha Davis CFNN Reporter

When you hear “hard-working,” “positive attitude,” or “good grades,” what do you think of? When many people hear those phrases, a good student comes in mind. Although those qualities are nice to have, being a good student isn’t always about having good grades or having a positive attitude. 

You don’t necessarily have to talk to everyone or raise your hand for every question to be considered a good student. A good student could even be the ones who don’t talk and sit in the back of the class.

There’s even the ones who don’t have good grades at all. 

Being a good student is all about trying. You should be willing to put forth an effort to achieve your goals. A good student comes to class, pays attention and turns their work in on time. You could have the lowest grades in your school but could still be a good student. Not everybody is the brightest or a straight “A” student. 

Being a good student is also about your behavior. Being good inside and outside of the classroom plays a big part in being a good student. 

When you go to school, get there on time. That also goes for every class. If you work on being on time in school, that will help you with time management skills for right now and in your future career! 

A good student is not afraid to try new things. You should always take at least one class that you know nothing about each year. That class could turn out to be something that you didn’t know you needed. 

Expand your knowledge!

You should always want to learn more. Even when you get into your professional career, you should continue to take classes or get on any platform that will help you learn more. The world changes every day, you should keep up with the changes! 

According to one student who attends CF but wished to remain anonymous, “Being a good student is about showing your qualities and what makes you different from everybody else. A good student has passion in what they learn and always turns their work in on time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.” 

Most importantly, a good student sees the good in others. If you see a student who isn’t doing so well, don’t be afraid to pull them to the side and talk to them. 

You never know what somebody is going through at home. Tell them that you can help them out and make sure that they are good! 

If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t considered a good student or want to know what you could do to become a better student, I hope this helped you out! 

Being a good student doesn’t make you lame, it makes you more successful. Don’t be afraid to become one!