Angelina Nicolosi, CFNN Reporter and Editor

Competition among the top Tik Tokers at Cape Fear has heated up since CFNN’s last report. As the app increases in popularity, so too has the “Tik Tok fame” of our student body.

Former star Davia Rypdahl has dropped out of the race, citing “too much time” spent scrolling through the app and coming up with ideas for new content. 

“It was taking over my life,” Rypdahl said.

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The addictive nature of the app has not deterred anyone else, though. Nine people still meet the criteria to be considered in the rankings.

The algorithm used by CFNN to determine who’s the most “famous” analyzes rankings in follower count, number of viral videos, number of likes, and most views on a video. Combined, the total number of points accumulated determines who’s most famous overall.

Sam Parsons is the current most famous at the school, with 32 points. Behind him is Seth Jackson (27), Angelina Nicolosi (26), Brooke Dawkins (25), Brielle Orellana (22), Shea Floyd (21), Drew Eaker (19), Lorelei Harr (11), and Amelia Shook (8).

Parsons rose to fame with a viral video about his trip to an FFA competition, and then again with a video on Tik Tok star Danielle Cohn. He now sits with over a million likes spread across his videos and one video with well over 3 million views.

“It’s really not as good as people think it is. Whenever people get famous, they forget their friends,” Parsons said. “For example, I was friends with this one girl named Alex French. One night she blew up on Tik Tok and now has over 1.5 million followers. She never texts me back.”

Shea Floyd tops follower counts, with nearly 24,000. Angelina Nicolosi has the most viral videos (defined as over 50,000 views), with 12.

“Tik Tok has definitely consumed most of my time, I won’t lie,” Nicolosi said. “But, I have a lot of fun with it. It lets me be creative and hopefully make people laugh.”

The Tik Tok rankings are amorphous and protean, but as long as there’s entertaining content to create and enjoy, Tik Tok is here to stay.