Elli Chew, CFNN Reporter

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, on September 12, 1964, brothers Alan John Westerfield (6 years), and Terry Lee Westerfield (11 years), went missing from a movie theater in downtown Fayetteville. 

On September 12, 1964, step-father Carl Bock dropped Alan and Terry Westerfield off outside of the Broadway Theater on Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville, to supposedly see a double feature. When he returned at dusk to pick the two boys up, but the boys were nowhere to be found. 

According to The Medium, the day the boys went missing, mother Margaret left her two sons at home with the babysitter, Barbara Temple, to go to work. When she returned home she found that Temple had been dismissed by her husband, Carl, whom she was separated from at the time.

When finding Carl had dismissed the babysitter, the two began to argue. At some point in the argument, Bock told Margaret that he dropped the boys off at the movies at 4:00 p.m. to see a double feature. After the argument, Margaret went to the NCO Club on Fort Bragg.

When Margaret returned to her home at 1 AM, Alan and Terry were still not home. Carl told her that he went to the theater to pick the two up at 7:45 PM and sat outside in the car waiting for them to show until 9:30 PM. He then left, assuming Margaret picked them up. Upon hearing this news, Margaret dialed the police to report her sons Alan and Terry missing.

As I looked further into the story I found some interesting add-ons to the story. When Bock went to the home and repeatedly tried to dismiss the babysitter, she attempted to stay until Margaret returned home so that the boys would be safe, but Bock insisted that she leave and that they would be fine. The babysitter then left. That same afternoon, a few friends of Terry’s came over asking if he could come out to play. Bock told them that Terry was being punished, therefore he couldn’t come out to play. 

A discrepancy occurred in Bock’s story. 

Alan and Terry Westerfield were regulars at the Broadway Theater and were well known by its employees. Most of the Broadway Theater employees do not recall seeing the two boys that night, including Judy Moore, Bock’s girlfriend. 

With the investigation being conducted, Bock, Margaret and many others were brought to the police station to be interrogated about the boys disappearance. According to Medium, “In 2000, Carl was brought in for questioning. Though he was very nervous at first, he became arrogant and uncooperative after the police told him he wasn’t being charged with anything.” 

Their biological father, Mel, committed suicide in 1978 as they still had not been found. Margaret divorced Carl during the investigation. Carl went on to marry Judy Moore. 

It is now 56 years later, and Alan and Terry still have not been found.