Mixed opinions surround the huts at Cape Fear.

Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Cape Fear has huts for students to attend class right outside of the main school buildings. They have been used for classrooms, as there were not enough in the main building for all the teachers and students at our school.

Students go outside and must walk a short way before entering the huts for class. Having class in one of the huts can have its benefits as well as its setbacks.

Annika Ackermann, one of the students who attend class in the huts, says that they are pretty nice, but could use some work. “The huts are a bit cramped,” Annika says. She suggested that there be fewer students in classes; this way they don’t feel overcrowded. 

Student Sierra Wharton also has her own share of opinions on the huts. Sierra enjoys the fact that the huts have their own heaters and air conditioning. She feels like the huts are comfortable to be in. Though, she does think that the huts are a bit too small. “I wish there was a little more room because I hate being in close quarters,” she says. 

Narrow rows of desks in Hut 2,
Ryan Grates’ World History classroom.

Kerri-Ann Raynor, the Theatre Arts teacher at Cape Fear, has her class in one of the huts. Mrs. Raynor enjoys the fact that their hut has its own heating, and that her class is less likely to disturb other people.

“I have more freedom to take my kids outside. And with my class being a loud class, I don’t have to worry too much about disrupting other classes,” Mrs. Raynor says. 

Though Mrs. Raynor does say that one of the downsides to the huts is having to deal with the weather. She suggests that the walkway that students have to walk down be covered in between the huts. Mrs. Raynor also suggests that the walkway be a little higher so that it doesn’t flood whenever it rains. 

Coach Grates’ World History hut.

“I love them,” says Ryan Grates, a World History teacher who also has his class in the huts. Coach Grates enjoys not having to rely on the school to set a temperature, and that he can set it himself while in the huts.

Coach Grates also says that you don’t have to worry about noise from other classrooms, as well as not having to worry about being too loud yourself.

“Paint, paint, and more paint,” said Coach Grates when asked what he would suggest to improve the huts. He thinks that the huts need an overall makeover, as well as repairs for a few holes in the roof. 

The huts have their own ups and downs. From bad weather to walk through and overcrowdedness, it can be a challenge to get to class. But they also have benefits, with their own heaters and air conditioning, the ability to take students outside more easily, and not having to worry about noise from other classes as well as your own class.

We are capable of improving the huts over time, even if we start with just a simple fresh coat of paint.