Vinitcio Estrada-Zerhoudi, CFNN Reporter

Last Tuesday, the Cape Fear Women’s Swim Team capped their Patriot Athletic Conference season with a second place finish. It was an intense meet with all swimmers giving their best effort.

The meet began with perennial powerhouses Cape Fear and Terry Sanford neck and neck in the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay. The Colts finished 2.31 seconds behind leader Terry Sanford. It was a narrow heat with all teams brimming with excitement. The swimmers were Lily Terwilliger, Haannah Williams,  Amelia Shook, and Gracie McInroy. Both teams, Terry Sanford and Cape Fear beat their Personal Records (PR) for the season. Not only did the Colts beat their PR, but they also crushed their school record by a whopping four seconds!

The next event was the 200 yard Freestyle which featured Lakin Williams and Iris Terwilliger swimming. Their times where 2:37.96 and 2:44.58, respectively. Williams’ time bested her PR by a full ten seconds.

In the Girls 200 IM Lily Terwilliger and Tanya Chavez came in 3rd and 5th place with times of 2:47.85 and 3:08.66. 

“I am really happy that I was able to make the podium and beat my close competitor from Grays Creek,” said Lily Terwilliger.

Gracie McInroy, Iris Terwilliger, and Lily Brinker swam the 50 yard Freestyle coming in 5th, 6th and 7th places. McInroy was able to beat her PB with a time of 29.84. Terwilliger swam a 31.48 and Brinker swam a 32.23. 

In the 100 yard Butterfly, the Colts’ Gracie McInroy and Hannah Williams finished 3rd and 4th place. McInroy swam a 1:19, and  Williams swam a 1:21.

Lily Terwillliger and Lakin Williams swam the 100 yard Freestyle and came in  2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Terwilliger notched a slim 1:06 and Williams dropped a second from last meet with a time of 1:11.

In the 500 Freestyle, Amelia Shook swam a 5:53.24. She beat her previous by PR by two seconds, a very impressive time to say the least.

In the 200 yard Freestyle Relay, the Colts’ A Team finished first and the B Team came in third. Lily Terwilliger, Lily Brinker, Hannah Williams, and Amelia Shook swam a 1:57.74, breaking yet another school record.

In the 100 yard Backstroke, Amelia Shook and Catherine Sexton came in  1st and 5th place with times of 1:06.03 and 1:23.44. Shook dusted her competitors as the second place finisher touched the wall six seconds behind her.

 Hannah Williams and Dylan Sneed placed second and third  on the 100 yard backstroke with times of 1:23.76 and 1:26.76. 

In the girls last race, the  400 yard Freestyle Relay, Iris Terwilliger,  Lakin Williams, Tanya Chavez and Gracie McInroy notched an impressive third place finish with a time of 4:44.64. 

This was definitely a successful conference season for the Colts. From this point, the ladies are gearing up for the Regional Swim Meet, which will be held January 31, in Greensboro. They will no doubt continue the success they have enjoyed this season. Good luck, ladies!