Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Cape Fear has a P.E. uniform that students are required to purchase and wear during class. The uniform consists of a gray shirt with a Cape Fear logo on it, dark-blue shorts with the same logo, and any pair of sneakers that students may have and can perform physical activities in. 

Students are also allowed to wear other things with their uniforms, like leggings under their shorts, or a hoodie over their shirt when it’s cold. 

Cape Fear has had gym uniforms for about 7-8 years now. They are a way to make sure that all students look the same and that students don’t dress out into any inappropriate clothing. 

Coach Chris Hall, Health and
Physical Education teacher.

“It’s like bringing a pen and pencil to class,” says Coach Hall, a Health and Physical Education teacher. “We don’t have to worry about anyone being different, and it just adds structure to the classroom.” 

Coach Hall says that a benefit to having uniforms is that he doesn’t have to worry about a lot of bullying. With all the students looking the same, they aren’t able to make fun of each other over their clothes. 

Evan Wesolowski, a student who has already done P.E. and has worn the uniforms, doesn’t agree that the uniforms completely stop bullying. 

“I heard that uniforms would try and stop the problem of bullying,” Evan said. “But it doesn’t really solve that, kids will still be bullies if they want to be bullies.”

Evan also feels like the uniforms are a bit pricey for students to have to buy.

A student does pull ups in
their new Cape Fear uniform.

Coach Hall does agree that a negative to the uniforms is the cost factor. “Some people may not be able to afford them, if that’s the case then we work with those students who can’t afford them,” Coach Hall says.

Students are able to purchase their uniform through their PE teacher, who will get them at the beginning of the semester. The uniforms cost about $20. 

Students are given about a month to purchase their uniforms. Until then, students are allowed to wear their own gym clothes for class.

The uniforms add structure to P.E. and they also make sure that students don’t wear anything inappropriate to class. Even though it doesn’t completely stop bullying, it does get rid of the common factor that bullies often pick on. If students can’t afford the P.E. uniform, their teachers will work with them to make something possible.

P.E. uniforms are a good way to make sure that everyone is wearing appropriate and comfortable clothing while performing physical activities in class.