Claire Sutton, CFNN Reporter

From being Head JV Football and Track coach to being a fantastic teacher, Derrick Johnson is teacher of the week! Mr. Johnson has been and continues to be a bright spot in the classroom and as well as our sports program here at Cape Fear. He has become a huge part of the Cape Fear community and continues to put his students’ and athletes’ success first.

Mr. Johnson lives in the community and grew up in the Stedman area. He graduated from Cape Fear in 2001 and decided to continue his education at UNC Pembroke. After college, Johnson made his way back to Cape Fear where he has been teaching and coaching since 2005.

Johnson is working on his 16th year as a teacher here at Cape Fear and continues to inspire  and educate students each and every day. Mr. Johnson teaches Foundations of Math and Math 1. After Christmas break, Johnson will be teaching Math 2 for the first time! He is a huge asset to our math program and always finds a way to make math interesting for his students.

Teaching is a career that takes a lot of patience and grace. Johnson is a great example of a fantastic teacher and role model. “My favorite part of teaching would be the relationships that I am able to form with my students and athletes.” Johnson said.

Johnson and his seven-year-old son, Harper.

Johnson makes it his goal to show his students how much he cares for their success and future.

“I try to make them feel comfortable enough that they are willing to open up to me not just with academics, but with everyday situations. I believe teenagers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Hopefully my students and athletes know that I care for them by my actions,” he said.

Johnson has had many accomplishments during his 16 years as a teacher and coach. Professionally, his biggest accomplishment is having the opportunity to give back to his hometown and community by teaching and coaching.

“My biggest accomplishment personally would be being an example for my son on the way you should treat others and carry yourself in a way that you’re proud of,” Mr. Johnson stated.

Some things you might not know about Mr. Johnson is that he has a seven year old son named Harper. He stated that his son is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He also has been married to Mrs. Kristen Johnson, who’s also a coach and teacher here at Cape Fear, for nine years 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Johnson enjoys coaching football and track here at Cape Fear. He also loves supporting his son and wife. During his off time he loves going to the lake with family.

Teachers like Mr. Johnson is what makes Cape Fear such a great school. Dedication, determination, and success is what has made Mr. Johnson such a phenomenal teacher, coach, and mentor.