The Team shows off the hardware after the big win.

CFNN Tennis Correspondent Madisyn Hall

In 2019, the Cape Fear Colts Women’s Tennis team made history by making it to the Elite Eight. This was a remarkable accomplishment for the tennis team at the time. Fast forward two years: the Cape Fear Colts fought their way to the State Championship. 

Andi Brinker and Madisyn Hall in their doubles match.

On Friday November 5th, 2021, the Cape Fear Colts headed to Burlington to have one final practice before the match on Saturday. On Saturday November 6th, the ladies met at the courts at 8:30 to get ready. The Lady Colts started their match at 9:30, covered in sweats and jackets to keep warm in the 37 degree weather. On the first court, Brooke Bieniek played her most challenging match of the season but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with Forestviews number one. Brooke finished singles down 0-6,1-6.  

Anna Piland pulled out the first win for Cape Fear winning 6-1,6-0. Cape Fear’s Shae Bieniek battled through a tough match 6-3,7-6, with a tiebreaker score of 8-6. Madisyn Hall won her first set 6-0 but lost the second set 2-6, calling for a third set tiebreak. Unfortunately, Hall couldn’t keep up and lost the tiebreak 3-10. Andi Brinker pulled through and won her match 6-2,6-2. Lastly Brianna Keen won 6-0,6-4. Cape Fear finished singles up 4-2, meaning only one doubles match needed to win to clinch the win. 

Andi Brinker and Madisyn Hall matched up against Forestviews 1st and 4th court and lost 1-8. Anna Piland and Brooke Bieniek were up 6-1 but didn’t get the opportunity to finish. Finally, Brianna Keen and Shae Bieniek won 8-1, clinching the match for the Cape Fear Colts. 

“I’m excited to finish on a high note but bittersweet that it had to come to a close.” said Sophomore Anna Piland

After the win, the ladies from both teams met for awards. Andi Brinker was awarded the Sportsmanship Award for her iconic slogan,”Thank you for playing with me.” Shae Bieniek was named the MVP of the match.  ” I have mixed emotions because I love all of my teammates and it’s sad for it to finally be over.” she said after the match 

The team celebrates their victory.

The Cape Fear Colts are the NCHSAA 3A State Champions.

“We knew this team had the talent and athleticism but what really allowed them to win the state championship was their belief in one another,” said Head Coach Chris Lucas. “ Any program can’t go to the next level without the belief they can do it.  After that, it’s about trusting the process, because the process will not be easy.”   

”I honestly couldn’t have written a better ending to my four years. The girls I have had a privilege to play with all four years have impacted me. It meant the world to me to see all of the girls run up to me when we snatched the win, and I will miss this group of girls, this family more than anything.Of course I’ll miss our great coaches, Coach Lucas and Coach O too. I can’t wait to be on the bleachers watching these girls get their second championship next year,” said Senior Captain Madisyn Hall. 

The 2021-2022 season for the Cape Fear Lady Colts has been an impressive one, finishing with a 17-1 overall season record. 

“These girls had each other’s backs, encouraged one another and reminded each other that we belong.  Once the belief and trust was there, they enjoyed the journey, allowing them to handle the big moments well,” said an elated Lucas after the match.

Congratulations, Colts. You made history.