Shining star Freshman, Grace Sherbert is doing her best to make her first year at Cape Fear a year to remember. Grace stays extremely busy in the fall with Cheerleading, swimming during the winter, and soccer during the spring. Participating in 3 Varsity sports is no easy task, but Grace makes it happen, and she does it all while performing  at the top of her class academically. Congratulations Grace Sherbert! You are the  CFNN Athlete of the week!! 

While Sherbert loves the pace and excitement of running down the field and bonding with her teammates, she is very passionate about her love for cheer. 

“You have to be uplifting and Energetic, and I feel that I’m really good at that,” said Sherbert. “Going from competition to school cheer is a completely different atmosphere, but I’m still so thankful I was Introduced to it.” 

“I originally did swimming to keep in shape, but I really got into it and it’s something I would love to do all four years.” Grace gets her Athletic passion from her parents, April Sherbert, and John Sherbert. While her mom inspires her love for sports, they are both very supportive and encourage her to work hard. 

Soccer isn’t anything foreign to Grace, either. She’s grown up with soccer and has been playing for 10 years. She enjoys playing and loves the team oriented environment of the soccer field.

“Coach Pagan has really brought our team together; he works with us on passing and pushes us to be overall a well rounded team.” The Lady Colts want to dominate and be the very best they can this season, Grace wants to be a part of that. 

While playing the sports she loves, she finds balance in keeping her grades up and working to be her very best academically. “I have a very uplifting team, they are very down to earth and we help each other with the struggles in school.” 

Other than soccer, Sherbert enjoys Hanging out with friends, playing with her dog Bean, and watching stranger things. 

Grace’s favorite teacher is Mr. Grates. “Even though he’s really hard, he teaches children to be accountable and work hard.”