CFNN Reporters Aubrey Autry & Lex Glemaker

It’s that time of year again; it’s getting cooler outside; school is back in session, and Beta Club letters are being sent out. Beta Club is an organization that works with elite students in order to help out the community. Our Beta Club meets the second Wednesday of every month both at 7:45 am and 3:50 pm. 

To be considered eligible, students  must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher or an A average in all classes for the regular Beta Club. The regular Beta Club is only at Cape Fear High. However, to be considered eligible for the National Beta Club students must have an average of 94%. They must also have a good school record. 

Many members are inducted in elementary school and continue throughout their high school careers. To be considered an active member of our Beta Club, students must have 40 hours of community service. There are a variety of ways to get those service hours..

“Some of the things we do are volunteer projects, donation drives, and overall trying to make the school a better place,” explained club member Claire Sexton.

If you’re looking to join the Beta Club and you’re new to the club, your dues will be $25. Returning members will only pay $15. That is just a small fee compared to all the things you gain.

“Getting a cord at graduation is really cool, and it looks really good on a college application,” says club member Tristan Sexton.

Beta Club is encouraged for those who want to give back to the community and who are also serious about school. It is also a great way to meet new people and be introduced to different ideas and opportunities. This club is also a great way to impress not only colleges, but others around you. Join our Beta Club today!