CFNN Reporters Sanaa House and Grecthen Murphy 

The Cape Fear Colts Band is working hard this year, and they continue to bring home trophies. Last Saturday was no different. With the Marching Colts in class 3A at Southview’s Rumble in the Jungle, they successfully brought home 4 first place trophies, ranking 4th highest score out of 12 bands.

“The competition was pretty good, it definitely wasn’t our best performance but overall I mean, we did really good.” says Drum Major Hannah Yergeau

The Colts first place categories were in music, marching, percussion, and overall. The tale of Little Red Riding Hood will be a continuing show and will be finished soon. 

Through the week of Homecoming, October 10-14, the Marching Colts are going to be pushing the beat a little harder, starting today at the homecoming pep rally to get the students hyped up and ready to cheer.
Tonight, there will be a football game against the Jack Britt Buccaneers on the Colts’ homecoming night! Come out and support our football team and our Cape Fear Marching Colts as they perform Little Red Riding Hood!