CFNN Alex Jones 

On Saturday November 5th, the Lady Colts made another historical run. The Colts took home the State title for the second year in a row with a win against Lake Norman Charter. This win for the Ladies was huge. This is the first time in Cape Fear History that a team has brought home a State Championship two years in a row. The girls have worked hard to get where they are and they couldn’t have done it without all the support they received.

The Lady Colts holding their new title after their match against Lake Norman Charter.

On Court One Anna Piland AKA “Anna-intensity Piland”. Piland is only a junior playing at court one what an amazing player she is. Piland has a record of 12-2 and showing off her skills is her specialty. She always makes sure to show just how skilled she is at tennis by making amazing shots. Piland has taken home many wins for the Colts and will continue to grow in years to come.

“It feels really refreshing in a way, especially to live up to the legacy we left last year and getting an even bigger win in the final which although difficult we all were able to rise up to the occasion and shut out our opponents in singles.” said Piland.

On Court Two was Brooke Bieniek AKA “Brooke the machine Bieniek”. Brooke is a senior and has had a monumental career. She has continuously shown how skilled she is at tennis and how her hard work has paid off. Bieniek has a record of 14-0 and has never let a match be taken from her. Brooke has been a huge part of the success for the Lady Colts.

“It feels so good to win another State Championship especially to end my high school career off with such a big win.” explained Bieniek.

On Court Three was Shea Bieniek AKA “Brace yourself Bieniek”. Shea has been unstoppable the whole season. Bieniek is a secret weapon for the Colts since she gets the job done every time. Shea has a record of 18-0 never letting anything get past her and always placing the ball perfectly to take home the win. Bieniek is only a Sophomore and is already such an amazing player. We can’t wait to see her growth in the years to come. 

“ It feels great. I am so proud of this team and it just shows all the hard work we put in during on and off season so we could make it back to back.” described Bieniek.

On Court Four was Andi Brinker AKA “Thanks for playing with me”. Brinker is a weapon on the court with a record of 17-1. Andi has been in the top six since her freshman year and she’s only a sophomore. She has exponential potential. Brinker has  always shown just how hard she is willing to fight. Brinker has even played for 2 hours but still stayed on top of her game and came out with a huge win for herself and the team. 

“All our hard work paid off, it feels fantastic,” said Brinker.

On Court Five was Brianna Keen AKA “ we have food at home”. Bri is a sophomore at Cape Fear and a phenomenal tennis player. Keen has never failed to fight for the win; she goes into every match not knowing the outcome but willing to do whatever it takes to bring home the win. Keen has a record of 17-1 what an amazing player she has been for the Lady Colts. Keen countries to grow as a player and gain more skill.

“It feels just insanely surreal to do it two years in a row. Especially for it to happen during my freshman year and then again my sophomore year. It’s truly crazy and the feeling is unlike anything else.” said keen.

On Court Six we have Ansely Thomas also known as “ That’s so Ansely like”.  Ansley is a Junior at Cape Fear and this is her first year in the top 6. She has shown us just how she earned that spot. Thomas has played amazing all season with a record of 10-6. Thomas is an amazing player and places shots where they need to go in order to take home a win. Ansley has so much potential and works hard at every practice. 

“It feels really good to be a part of it and get to do it with the best teammates and coaches ”described Thomas.

Coach Lucas has been a phenomenal coach for all the years he has been the coach for the Lady Colts. Lucas has been right there through the ups and downs of the season. This was Coach Lucas’s last year as the coach for the Colts. The girls can’t be more thankful for the coach he has been and everything he has taught them. He will be missed but he can’t be thanked enough for the time he put in to get the girls where they are.

“It was a very emotional day for me regardless of the result.I have been blessed to be able to coach such a wonderful group of kids and help build a program that teaches our players perseverance and the importance of confidence. I am very proud of them for meeting our goal and realizing that they are capable of anything. I will miss them.” said Lucas.

This has been an incredible season for the Cape Fear Girls Tennis team. Congratulations to another State Championship win and good luck next season. We can’t wait to see how far the Colts go next year.