CFNN Reporter May Webb

Are you looking for a sport to play this upcoming Spring season? Have you thought about Girls Lacrosse? 

You might be wondering, what is Lacrosse? Lacrosse is a low contact game played by twelve players on either side with the intent of getting the ball into the opponents goal. A draw, deciding who is on offense first, is done at the center of the field and marks the start of the game. A draw is done after every goal is scored. 

Players may pass, catch, or run with the ball in their Lacrosse stick. Checks, or quick taps with one’s stick done to get the ball out of an opponent’s stick, are legal as long as it is done safely and with control. 

Much like in other sports, Lacrosse is played with yellow and red cards to represent that a foul has occurred and a penalty must be placed on the player who caused it. 

Players and their stick must remain outside of the crease, or the circle around the goal, at all times. No player, except for the goalie on certain occasions, may touch the ball with their hands.

“This season I expect constant hard work and drive from not only our team but also our coaches. I just want our team to do their best individually as well as working all together. I expect us to work as a unit this year. Lacrosse is not an individual sport, it takes everyone’s hard work to give 100%.” said Senior Mylie Loper, a returning Lacrosse player. 

Girls Lacrosse has preseason workouts at Eastover Park every Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:30. If needed, a Lacrosse stick or any other gear, it will be provided to you. Everyone is welcome!

“I expect this season to be really fun and I’m excited for new people to come out so we can build new friendships,” said Sophomore Katie Martin, a returning Lacrosse player. 

If you are interested in joining this season, please contact Cape Fear’s Athletic Director, Mr. Fields for more information! Please make sure to have your physical completed and updated into Final Forms.