CFNN Reporter: Gracie Zudonyi

The CFNN had no trouble picking a deserving student for student of the week this week. Our student of the week is none other than stellar senior Landon Knox. Knox is extremely deserving of the title “Student of the Week” because he has not slowed down in challenging himself to take the most rigorous courses Cape Fear has to offer. This semester he is taking AP Calculus, AP Biology, and American Sign Language at Fayetteville Technical Community College. 

Landon is a freshman mentor, member of the beta club, and captain of congressional debate for the debate team. Landon was chosen to be student of the week because of his involvement at Cape Fear, his dedication to his work, and his goals for the future. 

Landon participated in debate this past weekend and placed third overall. Landon has been a part of the debate team since his freshman year. What he enjoys most is getting to learn more about important topics and spreading that information to others. 

“What I enjoy the most is the fact that It gives us an opportunity to learn and discuss real world problems that affect not only us but the people around us,” Landon said. 

Landon has been a student in Cumberland County schools since Kindergarten. Landon finds it hard to believe his senior year is already here and is suffering from “senioritis.”

“Being a senior, I continuously look back on the last three years of highschool,” said Knox.

I asked Landon what advice he would give younger students. 

“Don’t worry about the way other people perceive you, because when you’re a senior looking back at your high school years you’ll regret not being yourself,” he replied. 

Landon is most passionate about the health of the planet and working hard to change the way society has treated the earth. 

“I think the health of the planet is important because it provides a home for everyone and everything. If we want to take care of humanity we first have to take care of the natural earth that supports us,” Landon stated.  

This is an extremely important topic to Landon, and that  has helped him decide on what he wants to major in when he gets to college.

“Landon was a fantastic student in both my AP Language and AP Literature courses, said Landon’s teacher, Mr. Grates. “He excelled in class and absolutely aced the AP test. Students like him make teaching really fun.” 

Landon’s biggest inspiration is Greata Thunberg because of her unwavering devotion to helping solve climate change. Landon being so inspired and interested in this topic has helped him choose what he wants to major in when he gets to college. Landon has applied to App, Chapel Hill, and NYU being his first choice! 

“I applied to a lot of schools but really hope to go to NYU to major in environmental studies and public policy so that I can be a part of the change I hope to see,” Knox said. 

Knox has high standards for college, and has worked extremely hard these last four years to get there. His secret to success  has been to continue doing things he likes, and having a healthy work-life balance. 

“I made sure I still did things like writing and acting to keep a healthy balance between what I need to do versus what my heart wants to do.” 

This strategy has helped Landon stay on top of his grades, involved in school activities, and still manage to have a job and have fun outside of school work. 

Five years from now Landon sees himself still living in New York and pursuing a career in environmental science/politics and acting. 

“I see myself living in NYC, in a small apartment, while pursuing environmental science/politics, and acting. I would like to think I’d have a cat and hopefully still be close with my high school friends…at least a few of them.”

Thank you for your hard work Landon!