CFNN Reporter Aiyanna Campbell

Now, she’s no Gordon Ramsey, but she can still cook with the best of them. Mrs. Garrison is one of Cape Fear’s many amazing Foods and Nutrition teachers. Mrs. Garrison, or Mrs. G, has been teaching for 21 years and has been working at Cape Fear for 4 of those years. Because of her hard work and dedication she has been selected as Cape Fear’s Teacher of the Week.

While growing up she always knew she wanted to become a Home EC teacher. Mrs. G wanted to teach kids how to lead a successful life by showing them how to do the basic skills in life. That knowledge can be a complete game changer not only when it comes to adulting, but also in life as a mature adult. Learning skills like cooking and taking care of your home are crucial. Mrs. Garrison knew that Foods and Nutrition was the right class for her to teach because she loves cooking and baking of all kinds.

The moments that make Mrs. Garrison sure that she chose the right career path occur when she sees her former students make big accomplishments in life or when she sees them have successful families. “ I love the feeling that it gives me when I can see my former students,” said Mrs Garrison.

Mrs. Garrison also talks about how teaching Foods is not always butterflies and rainbows. Foods is not always a sham class, because the course is so hands-on. Teaching it becomes a very tedious process. Although teaching Foods is a struggle sometimes, teaching kids who love to cook and also love to learn is not.

“Teaching Foods can be difficult at times since it’s such a hands-on course, but it’s not difficult teaching students to love food and love nutritious foods for themselves too,” said Mrs. Garrison.

Although Mrs. Garrison’s first love was her career, she is still very family oriented. She loves to spend time with her 3 kids, playing and joking around. She also enjoys cooking for them and seeing their faces when they eat her food.” I love to cook seafood and bake cookies, cakes, and sweet treats for my family”. She loves spending as much time as possible with them. They take trips all the time to go see her family that lives out of town; her support system of family and friends is very broad.

At the start of this year, Mrs. G was exposed to a new side of the school that she didn’t know she would enjoy so much; this happened to be the band program. This year her youngest daughter became a member of the Marching Colts, which led her to see a side to school that was just filled with love and joy. These are her driving forces in education, so it was a blessing for her to see it presented outside of her classroom.

“I love the family component of it, once you become a part of the band that’s a whole different aspect of school that I did not realize. Y’all go as hard as you do and how much time and dedication the students and parents have,” said Mrs. Garrison.

Mrs. Garrison was selected for Teacher Of The Week not because of her achievements or test scores, but for the influence she has in her students’ lives. Many students still remember being in her class and continually reminisce on the impact she left on their lives. The goal of an educator is to lead the next generation on the right path so that they can live prosperous lives. Mrs. Garrison makes that her number one priority and that’s why many students regard her as Teacher Of The Week.