CFNN Reporter: Brianna Keen

On Monday night, the Cape Fear Colts women’s lacrosse team played a hard-fought and impressive game against the Jack Britt Buccaneers, however, they fell just short, dropping the game 8-16. The Colts did not hang their heads, though. They set their sights on improving and continuing to be competitive in every game this season.

This year’s women’s lacrosse team is full of new players, as well as potential. Top players include Katie Martin (attack), Brianna Keen (defense/mid), and Aideen Roberg (attack). 

The season is looking promising, as the young Colts team scored eight goals in their first outing of the season. Sophomore Katie Martin fought her way through the tough Buccaneer defense and scored two goals. Offensive player May Webb notched two goals as well: her first goals in her lacrosse career. Aideen Roberg scored one goal, along with freshman Delaney Loper. Finally, Brianna Keen scored two goals against the Buccaneers, for the first time in her lacrosse career. 

“As a team we did a lot better from last year, and especially that we are generally new was really impressive. I didn’t get as many goals as I would’ve liked, but overall as a team it was a lot better in the sense of communication and team work,” said Martin.

An impressive draw record from Sophomore Aideen Roberg and Katie Martin heavily aided the Cape Fear Colts in their scoring. With a total of seven draw control wins from Roberg and six from Martin, the Colts were able to battle up the field for many shots on goal. 

“I felt confident and trusted my teammates on the circle to come in and help get possession of the ball, which is comforting,” said Roberg. 

Ground balls were a vital part of the score on Monday night, with Brianna Keen securing eight total. Roberg and Martin tied with snatching up seven ground balls, and Gabby D’souza, May Webb, and Mattie Starling all got two. 

“Ground balls are really fun but also stressful, it takes a lot of focus to pick up that ball when there’s multiple girls pushing you around, but you just have to be a bit aggressive and choke up on your stick,” says Keen.

Come out to support the Colts while they battle for a winning record this season!