Walker Brittain CFNN Football Reporter

The Colts avoid a post homecoming slump to defeat Westover 58-12.

“Our word of the week was humility,” said Coach Jake Thomas. “We tried to make sure that the guys didn’t get a big head from the game before and make sure that we didn’t have any slip ups by overlooking a team. Just making sure our guys play to our standard and not to somebody else’s level.”

Cayden McKethan scores the first touchdown of the night, led by 52, Chason Bryant.

Cayden McKethan scored the first touchdown of the night on a 5-yard run. Then, the two point conversion was converted by Micah Nelson to make the Cape Fear lead 8-0.

The next score would come off the Colts capitalizing off a Westover turnover as Jaleel Parks would return a fumble for a 30-yard touchdown. After another two point conversion, the Colts ended the first quarter ahead 16-0.

Getting by with a little help from his friends: Micah Nelson helps push Ja’Leel Parks to the Goal line.

The Colts turned the intensity up to 11 in the second quarter, scoring fast and furious. McKethan scored four touchdowns in the second quarter by himself.

McKethan is a former quarterback, let’s not forget. “His natural position is running back,” said Coach Thomas. “He’s filled in for quarterback in the past based on team needs. He’s probably one of the most unselfish players on team because whatever we need him to do he jumps in and does it.”

“Now he’s starting to hit his groove at running back. He’s seeing the holes better. It’s starting to come very natural to him. It’s good to see him starting to get more momentum and confidence in what he’s doing.”

Westover capitalized off some missed tackles to score two touchdowns of their own in the second quarter.

Isaiah Lee waits to jump for the ball at the end of the first Half.

Ki’mani Brittion connects with Isaiah Lee for the last touchdown of the second quarter bringing the second quarter touchdown count to five. The Colts were on pace for 100 points at halftime leading 51-12.

That was the Colts’ highest scoring half and quarter of the season. They had more points by half time then in the entirety of any other game all year.

McKethan earned a well deserved break in the second half after his efficient 11 carries for 111 yards and 5 touchdowns. This gave other Colt running backs a chance to shine in the shortened second half.

Second half was cut substantially short after the Colts expanded the lead to 58-12 due to the NCHSSA rule that any time in the game that the point margin reaches 42 points, the rest of the game will be played with a running clock that will only stop for timeouts and untimed plays.

The Colts will seek to extend their four-game win streak to five games against the number one team in the Patriot Athletic Conference, the South View Tigers, at home on Friday, October 25th.