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Our hard working team from top to bottom! Here is the force behind the Cape Fear News Network. Our goal is to bring you information and important events going on at Cape Fear High School and the surrounding community.

Angelina Nicolosi


Angelina Nicolosi is a senior at Cape Fear High School. Outside of journalism, she is involved in Harvard Model Congress, congressional debate, environmental club, and lacrosse. In her free time, she likes to talk politics, play Minecraft, reread the Percy Jackson series, and stay hydrated. She’s rarely seen without her HydroFlask, Gertrude. She hopes to double major in political science and environmental policy in college, with ambitions of becoming a U.S. Senator.

Nicholas Aime


Nicholas Aime is a senior at Cape Fear High School. He is captain of the soccer team, and when he isn’t on the field he is involved with various extracurriculars such as Harvard Model Congress, Environmental Club, Beta Club, Congressional Debate, and the Common Ground Initiative. After studying political science in college, he is hopeful of going to law school and eventually pursuing a seat in the House of Representatives. 

Walker Brittain

Sports Editor/Football Correspondent

Walker is a senior at Cape Fear. Outside of journalism, he is captain of the soccer team. He is also involved in SGA, Beta Club, Harvard Model Congress, and a Freshmen Mentor.

Amber Autry

Social Media Coordinator

Amber Autry is a senior who is part of the chorus, Academy of Scholars, beta club, freshman mentor program, and student government. Her favorite color is purple, and she has seven siblings. In her spare time she likes to hangout with her friends, visit her boyfriend in college, go to taco bell, and be the mom of the friend group.  

Curtis Coleman

Chief Meteorologist

Curtis Coleman, a proud senior, is a reporter for tennis for the Cape Fear News Network. In extra curricular activities, he is the President of Key Club, a community service organization dedicated to helping others. He also is planning to be active in Angelina Nicolosi’s Environmental Club and Nick Aime’s Common Ground Initiative. In his free time, he likes to make music, eat, and play video games to the point of unconsciousness. Curtis normally listens to mostly R&B and hip hop, but recently he’s found a strange appreciation for Ariana Grande. He is looking to major in Environmental Chemistry when he is older and wants to see the world become a more eco-friendly place. Finally, a fun-fact, he has a cat named Grill Master 3000.

Lily Terwilliger

Social Media /Reporter

Lily is a senior at Cape Fear High School. She is captain of the cross country, swim, and soccer team. She is also involved in travel soccer, Beta Club, and the Common Ground Initiative. She is a passionate feminist who cares for women’s rights and the environment. After college she aspires to attend Law school. 

Regan Autry

Web Designer

Regan is a junior at Cape Fear High. She is 17 years old and enjoys spending time at home with her boyfriend. She’s been in the beta club all 3 years along with SGA. Regan is looking forward to this year and all the perks of being a member of the journalism team.

Jordan Hirigoyen

Reporter / Assistant to the Editor

Jordan Hirigoyen is a senior at Cape Fear High School looking forward to his first year as a part of the CFNN team. Jordan is a member of the indoor and outdoor track teams. In his free-time he enjoys taking naps, watching “The Flash” and “Lucifer” on Netflix, and playing with his dog, Daisy. His favorite music genre is currently alternative rock, though he listens to the same 5
songs throughout the day.

Dallas Wilson

Podcast Supervisor/ Reporter

     A senior at Cape Fear High School.  A two time wrestling state champion for the school along with being a member of the school’s FFA chapter and a part of the state champion agronomy team.    

Sarah Grace

Assistant Podcast Supervisor

Sarah Grace is a senior here at Cape Fear High School. She is a varsity cheerleader for football and basketball. She also played varsity tennis during her sophomore year. She is the senior class president and she is very involved at our school and in our community. Sarah is the president of Beta Club, HOSA, Spanish Club, and Spanish Honors Society. She is also a member of Key Club, the Natural Science Academy, and the Academy of Scholars.

Ayiana Jones

Art Director/ Web Designer

Cape Fear High School Junior with a passion for visual arts and graphic design. She enjoys playing video games, watching YouTube and drawing during her free time.

Elli Chew

Tech Staff & Reporter

A Sophomore at Cape Fear High School. She is a part of the Yearbook staff, Journalism tech staff and is an honors student. Her hobbies include reading, roller skating and traveling.

Hannah Spexarth

Tech Staff

Hannah is a Sophomore and a Varsity Volleyball player for her school. She is a part of the FFA at Cape Fear. Hannah has played volleyball for 8 years. She has a maltese puppy named Bella. She has a sister named Alexis who graduated from Cape Fear in 2019.

Alisha Davis

Tech Staff

Senior at Cape Fear High School. In her spare time, she likes to read digital books on Wattpad, take pictures, and play PUBG. When she’s not doing that, she volunteers at her church. Alisha always watches documentaries on True Crime Daily to stay up to date on the crimes that are occurring worldwide. After high school, Alisha plans to attend UNC Chapel Hill and become a Dentist.

Chloe Bloomfield

Review Crew

She is a sophomore at Cape fear high school. She hopes to one day go to UNC Chapel Hill and take a career in the medical field. She is in the colorguard and competes with the marching band. 
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Keanu Barnhill

Review Crew

He is a sophomore this year and he plays the Trumpet in the Cape Fear High School Marching Band. In his free time he likes to listen to music and hangout with friends. Keanu plans on being a Forensic Scientist when he gets older. It has always been interesting to him and he always thought it was so cool. He wants to attend UNCW as a college to pursue his career in Forensic Science.

Erin Holmes

Review Crew

Erin Holmes is a sophomore here at Cape Fear High School. She plays the trumpet in the Cape Fear High School Marching Band. She has been in the marching band for three years now.  This is her first year in Journalism, she is a sports reporter and participates in the “Review Crew”.

Natalie Autry


Natalie Autry is a sophomore at Cape Fear High School. This is her first year doing journalism. Her position is a reporter for football. She is on the Cape Fear Cross Country team as well as the Cape Fear JV Soccer team. She is also part of the BETA club and Fear Factor.

Alexis Becker


Cape Fear high School senior who enjoys photography and live theater. She also spends the majority of her time working at a daycare after school. She would like to study mass communications with a focus in film/television! 

Paige Cameron


Paige Cameron joined the Journalism team as a senior for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a part of Cape Fear’s Varsity Tennis and serves as captain for the team. When she isn’t playing tennis, she takes part in volunteer clubs, such as the Beta Club, Key Club, and HOSA. In her free time, Paige enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing with her cat. In the future, she hopes to attend UNC-Chapel Hill and pursue a career in the medical field. She is thrilled to be a part of Cape Fear High’s first journalism team and is ecstatic to explore the world of journalism.

Sydni Garcia

Review Crew

Sydni is a 15 year old sophomore. Her favorite things to do outside of school are sleep, eat, and scroll through Instagram. She played softball most of her life at the positions of center field, right field, shortstop, and second base. She replaced softball with track her freshman year. Last season she placed 3rd at the conference meet in the open 800 with a time of 2:48. 

Niyah McLeod

Review Crew

A 15 year old Sophomore born in Watertown, New York. She joined the fall color guard team her freshman year of highschool. She later proceeded to make the Varsity Winter guard team that same year. Is now skilled in all the aspects in the guard. She devotes the majority of her time to practicing with the team and competing against other teams. After highschool she plans to go to college and study to be a neonatologist, epidemiologist or psychologist.

Taylor Melvin


Taylor is a senior at Cape Fear High School. She played varsity volleyball all 4 years and is captain of the volleyball team. Taylor is currently in her fourth year of school volleyball, but the past three years she made the all region team. She also played softball for the past three years of high school and made first team all conference. Her freshman year she was number one in her class for earth science and P.E.

Kairi Hamm

Video Game Reviewer
My name is Kairi. I’m a 15-year-old sophomore who was born on St. Patrick’s day and wants the small job of a neurosurgeon. If that doesn’t work out I might play games as a profession since video games are pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately, nothing really interesting usually happens to me so I really don’t have much else to talk about. I’m a gamer, writer, and overall funny person. When I say that I’m a gamer, I mean that a large portion of my life is centered around a controller. I like to beat people who cheat constantly, just so I can rub it in when I do beat them. Now when I say I’m a writer, I mean that I’m someone who enjoys creating fake worlds to live in temporarily, to escape the outside world. I only like to write fantasy for some reason and have been writing since I was 8. Needless to say, when I was writing at 8 years old, It was absolutely terrible to have to read it out loud. Finally, to end it off, when I say I’m funny, I mean I make jokes…that’s it….

Lakin Williams


A sophomore at Cape Fear High School. She is on the CF varsity swim team, JV soccer team, and is in the BETA Club. Her interests include sleeping, eating, watching netflix, and chilling with her dog. This is also her first year in journalism and her role is being a sports reporter. 

Molly Williams


Molly is a junior at Cape Fear High. She is 16 years old and enjoys sitting at home with her cat and watching the Bachelor. She’s been in the beta club all 3 years as well as on the softball team. Molly looks forward to this year and all the perks that come with being a junior, such as all the tests and college stress! She says that she’s excited to be in the first year of bringing journalism back to Cape Fear. 

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