Nick Perry, CFNN Reporter

While the Fayetteville area is no stranger to seeing a shortage of supplies at grocery stores soon after forecasts of inclement weather such as snow, ice, or hurricanes, the Coronavirus has emptied shelves in ways those events have not.

During weather-related events, the quickest things to fly off store shelves are bread, milk, and batteries. Amidst this pandemic, shelves are bare of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and Lysol. But not only are these in-demand items unavailable, basic meal items such as chicken, meat, rice, and soups are also difficult to find. 

Empty shelves all over the country.

Another difference in the shortage of supplies during this pandemic in comparison to weather impacted grocery lists is that these items, with a quick return to normal stock delivery soon after the event passes, don’t get purchased within a few days of the forecast.

Instead, as evidenced in the photos above, items such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper remain out of stock in some places indefinitely. On the other hand, the case with food staples is that items are restocked with truck deliveries a several times a week, but do not remain on the shelf long after the deliveries.

Advisements provided in briefings by Governor Roy Cooper in order to ensure the citizens of North Carolina that the supply chains for grocery stores were strong and stores would continue to be stocked without reason to hoard items. Still, some residents remain skeptical and continue to stockpile items as soon as they were replenished.

Paper products are scarce!

According to local store managers, as weeks have gone by, the shelves do finally seem to be staying at close to normal stock levels. While everyone needs to have the items and food to support their families, we all need to acknowledge that even though this pandemic has been affecting us severely for the past month, it’s not over yet. 

Even though grocery stores in Fayetteville continue to be stocked, the best way to get through this is to work together. That means not overstocking and only buying essentials. By these simple methods, we can make a complicated and uncertain time not as intimidating.