Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

This week’s student of the week is Elena Macias! Elena is successfully learning how to navigate through virtual learning, despite a few struggles. She’s an overall great student who always participates and is ready to learn.

This semester Elena is taking Math 3 Honors, English 3 Honors, Spanish 1, and Physical Science. Elena said, “I’m a little worried that I got most of my core classes this semester because I have to learn through remote learning.” Despite her concern, she is still earning high marks in all of her classes. 

Elena is very excited for her classes next semester. “I’m more of a right brain kind of gal,” she expressed. “I enjoy the more creative sides of things.” She is very excited to take art and theater. 

Elena finds art therapeutic. She enjoys being able to empty all of her emotions and thoughts in a variety of ways. In theatre, she likes having the ability to be able to be someone else. Elena stated, “To see life through another person’s eyes is fascinating, but to portray it is difficult.” 

Last Spring, Elena was supposed to be in Cape Fear’s productions of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” but it was unfortunately canceled. Elena was crushed that she couldn’t perform. She was even more upset about not being able to get her driving permit. 

She misses school as well. Elena enjoys being able to create a bond with her teachers and peers, but she is unable to do that online. She really looks forward to being able to go to football games and other school activities once we go back in person.

Elena is having a few issues with online learning. The unstable status of her internet connection can cause some problems when trying to learn in class.

Despite those challenges, Elena was nominated for student of the week by her English 3 teacher. Mrs. Canady. Mrs. Canady stated, “She has attended class everyday and participated in all class discussions and has a positive attitude!” 

Thank you Elena for your passions, perseverance and positive attitude!