The Cape Fear girls soccer team has done something this season it has never done before. They have won a conference championship. They have absolutely dominated the competition on the pitch, scoring more goals in conference play than ever before.

How did they do it? For one, they play hard and they play as a team. They have an experienced squad who works well with one another. But they also have a secret weapon. They have THE BEAST.

Jayda Angel is a freshman at Cape Fear, and she is an incredible basketball and soccer player. When people talk about Jayda and her sports they refer to her as a “Beast.” When you see her play on the court or on the field, you can understand why she earned the nickname.

“Playing each sport makes me incredibly happy. I am very focused and serious about my craft,” says Jayda

As a point guard in her freshman season, she averaged 18 points per game, 4 assists and 8 rebounds per game. Not surprisingly, these numbers landed her on the all PAC team.

Jayda is definitely a team player; she likes to work together with everyone to make the most out of the game. Her speed and athleticism make her very special in both of her sports.

“She is very talented, hard working, and skilled,”  says Cape Fear basketball coach Brian Graham. “She’s an all around great player and kid. She is definitely an asset to our program.”

Jayda is aggressive on the court and has no fear, when she sees an opportunity she goes for it all the way. She plays the game with passion and intensity, and that has earned her a reputation for being the hardest worker on the team.

“Jayda has an incredible athletic ability like no other, top notch speed, and she goes and gets after it,” says Cape Fear Girls Soccer Coach Rico Mitchell. “Jayda is easy to coach and enjoyable to work with. She is very humble and whatever she has to do she does it with pride and to her best ability.” 

During their run to the PAC soccer title, Jayda has scored 14 goals in regular season play. That is an astounding number of goals. When Jayda takes the field, she is almost unstoppable.

“Jayda always brings energy to the field and is a teammate we can always count on being ready to play,” says Senior Captain Rachel Buffaloe. “Her upbeat personality helps keep everyone motivated.”

With a “go big or go home” mentality, Jayda has a dream of helping lead the Cape Fear Colts to the state championship one day. Jayda Angel is a great student, and an incredible athlete.